The Acting Prince of Riyadh directs the establishment of a joint operations room to address the situation of neighborhoods in the center of the capital – Saudi News

The Acting Governor of Riyadh, Prince Muhammad bin Abdulrahman bin Abdulaziz, directed the establishment of a joint operations room, and the launch of an intensive field campaign starting today (Tuesday) with the participation of 11 government agencies. To address the situation of neighborhoods in the center of the capital within the municipalities of Al Batha, Al Shumaisi and Al Malaz, with the aim of finding urgent solutions to the spread of illegal workers.

Participating in the operations room and the intensive field campaign, which enjoys supportive supreme directives, are the Emirate of Riyadh, the Municipality, Riyadh Police and Traffic, the General Directorate of Passports, Civil Defense, the Ministries of Commerce and Human Resources, the Communications Authority, in addition to the Saudi Electricity and National Water Company.

The field work that will be carried out by the participating parties will be divided into 5 regions, three of which are within the Al-Batha area, one in Al-Malaz and the other in Al-Shmaisi.

The campaign will be in accordance with an integrative process that aims to unify efforts to address the situation of the targeted neighborhoods by carrying out inspection tours, removing collapsed buildings, removing damaged and neglected vehicles, in addition to dealing with municipal violations committed by shops and violators, and removing the leftovers left by sellers. In steps that would contribute to enhancing the attractiveness of central Riyadh neighborhoods, and correcting the conditions of illegal workers.