The hurricane season is not over yet.

The National Hurricane Center observes a disruption in the Atlantic to possible formations.

But Rodney Wynn, a National Weather Service meteorologist, urged people not to panic. The failure has a zero chance of forming over the next two days, and a chance of 30 percent to five days.

"In the next few days it will be in an unfavorable environment, but they will keep an eye on it," Wynn said. "But right now chances are pretty low."

Wynn said that even if the disruption had organized and formed into something more, none of the projected models would pose a threat to Florida.

This disturbance in the Atlantic comes after a few weeks in the oceans after a turbulent hurricane season. Just last month, Hurricane Michael, one of the most catastrophic hurricanes in US history, plunged into the panhandle of Florida and ripped across the East Coast.

The hurricane season started on June 1st and lasts until the end of November.

"We are approaching the end of the year," said Wynn. "I hope it will be a quiet November."


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