The actor Pedro Rendón was infected with a sexually transmitted disease in an infidelity – Publimetro Colombia

Pedro Rendon is a 47-year-old actor who was born in the city of Neiva and who has had an outstanding career on Colombian television in soap operas such as ‘La Madre’, ‘Pobre Pablo’, ‘Conjunto Cerrado’, ‘La Venganza’ and ‘El Oasis’. ‘, where he performed with Shakira.

In the program ‘Se Dice de Mí’ they remembered this production with the singer from Barranquilla and assured that they came to record a half-naked scene, but the production could never be repeated because Shakira acquired the rights and it is said that a manager burned those tapes in her Miami house.

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In the aforementioned program, Pedro Rendón spoke of his life and he assured that there was a time when ‘fame went to his head’, so they did not call him to casting, so his wife was the one who assumed the expenses of the house and began to watch movies for adults, to be jealous and became unfaithful to his wife with a neighbor.

But that infidelity cost him dearly: “he was unfaithful to my wife and unfortunately I was infected with a sexually transmitted diseasewhen I tell this testimony in the churches I say that I literally became a murderer at that moment, because as a result of that irresponsibility I put at risk the life of my son Nicolás who was on his way”.

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“My wife had to undergo very strong treatments to decontaminate herself without affecting the baby, so it was a very difficult time,” added the actor.

Your child had health complications in the head as a result of all this when he was born, but against all odds he came out ahead. This was not the only miracle in his life, because Pedro and his wife were also saved from a traffic accident and his daughter Sofía was also seriously ill.

Understanding that they are miraculously alive and understanding that they are for some special mission in this world, decided to give their lives to God and now Pedro does not make papers that go against divine laws.