The actor who played Franklin in GTA V explains why Rockstar continues to support GTA Online and does not release GTA 6

Actor Shawn Fonteno, best known for his role as Franklin in Grand Theft Auto V, recently hosted a live broadcast on which he raised an interesting topic. He tried to defend Rockstar Games from fan accusations that the company was using the project to maximize profits. The actor also mentioned why the studio hasn’t said anything about GTA 6 for so long.

Sean Fontenot first asked “Do not confuse” developers. In response to Rockstar’s accusations of using Grand Theft Auto V to generate as much profit as possible, he replied that “This is the process of releasing games”… According to the actor, the next part of the series will appear when it is ready. It took Rockstar over four years to create GTA V. Such a long production timeline explains the lack of news about the next game in the franchise, because it will take no less time to create it. Sean Fontenot specifically stressed that if GTA 6 was released now, fans would not like it due to many flaws.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, a user under the pseudonym forzahorizonguy asked Rockstar to tell you at least some little detail about the sixth part. Studio suddenly answered the guy and said that there was no news yet, and asked to follow the updates.

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