The actress of “Züleyha” will eat a “Forbidden Apple” :: Lomas de Zamora News

Hilal Altinbilek is the actress who stars “Zuleyha”the Turkish soap opera that is a rage on the screen of Phone.

The actress, after the end of this soap opera, received an important job offer and will be the protagonist of another fiction.

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Now join the cast “Forbidden Apple” (Forbidden Apple)a series that is also successful in Turkey.

Hilal will play the character of Ender, which will be vacated by actress Sevval Sam in season six.

“Sevval Sam’s harmony with Eda Ece was the most popular scene in Forbidden Apple and the producers of the series started working on transferring a player who could achieve this harmony after the departure of that actress,” Ottoman media said.

At the moment, there is no news about when this fiction will arrive in Argentina, where Turkish novels are widely accepted by the public.