The advertising impact of the funeral of Elizabeth II generates net profit

Without the slightest doubt, The endless obsequies of Queen Elizabeth II have generated the long-awaited publicity effect, thanks to the well-calculated impact of the England brand on the minds of more than 4,000 million viewers around the world.

The British monarchy is a brand, a great structure of well-calculated marketing. And we have appreciated it. And what about the advertising impact, well the effect of a certain strategy in order to achieve a marketing objective, that is, to sell something. Or as the specialists underline, “generate currents of sympathy in the form of a lasting bond with the public”. But we have seen that not only in the British people, who forget their social problems, the economic situation and all the problems, and feel proud that their queen is buried with her favorite jewels, we have seen it in Spain, where the chains do not only from junk television, but from all of them in general, have rivaled, with peculiar analysts and “experts” in fueling that impact.

The impact creates a need and the need to make a decision. It is the result of the art of convincing people of what is best for them to be happy. Any marketing objective, in this case showing the world that the The United Kingdom is a nation that at key moments is above its daily problemss (Scotland’s independence movement and the economic situation), must generate the feeling of pride of belonging to a society that admires the world and preserves the splendor of its past glories.

And it does not matter either that those who embody that ideal are not precisely exemplary families and that transcendent interiorities are produced within them that in other cases would be criticized and socially inadmissible. And that is why they are amazed to see a subject parade for whom they had to pay 14 million euros to free him from a civil process for raping a minor. The advertising impact erases everything.

Modern media and social networks, used properly, become effective propagators of this impact.. The specialists have developed, through the analysis of the experience, the identification of the elements that should be appropriately promoted in the operations that lead to the achieved goal. The design of the transfers, wakes, tributes, vigils and parades around the unburied corpse of the Queen of England will now have to be carefully studied due to the series of lessons that emerge from the British meticulousness with which the very protagonist of the processions marked his last trip.

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From everything seen, from the hours and hours of television, we will analyze which have been the moments with the greatest audience and impact. At the moment, millions of souvenirs of the most varied type are already circulating on the market, from clothing, glasses or symbolic relics with the effigy of Isabel II and that generates profit. Much benefit. It has been the last service of Isabel II to the markets. And it is admirable how the designers of the ceremonies thought of everything, including the warning that before going to the solemn funeral the illustrious guests should “pee-pee”. @worldwide.