the advice of the WHO to avoid contagion through food

Confirmed the first cases of coronavirus in Spain, not only should take care of the personal hygiene to reduce the chances of contagion to the maximum. There is another area that should not be neglected either: food safety.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has shared various infograms in which it is explained how to manage contact with food safely in relation to the coronavirus. Far from launching any ad on the consumption of Chinese food – one of the many hoaxes that have run these days on social networks – the agency has made several recommendations related to food handling, among which the importance of cooking meat correctly and the need to be attentive to the food safety let us cook. They are as follows:

Food handling and consumption

WHO advice

1. Even in areas / countries where cases have been known, meat products they can be safely consumed if cooked and handled correctly during preparation.


2. Sick animals or species that have died from disease should not be eaten under any circumstances.



3. It is recommended to use different cutting boards and knives when handling raw meats and cooked foods.

4. It is important handwashing before, while and after handling food.



Moving a bit away from food safety, WHO has also given some suggestions regarding diet and to the consumption of depending on which substances for those who are going through a stressful situation due to the spread of coronavrius.

1. If you find yourself in a situation of confinement due to the virus (for example, you remain locked up at home), you must keep a healthy lifestyle. This includes following a proper diet, sleeping, exercising, and keeping in touch with loved ones through email or other online platforms.



2. You must not abuse alcohol, tobacco or other drugs to manage your emotions. If you feel overwhelmed, talk to a health specialist. Follow a plan about where to go or who to turn to if you need physical or mental help.


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