The aesthetic medicine treatments most loved by the stars, from Kim Kardashian to Elisabetta Canalis | Vanity Fair Italy

If you want to know which are the newest, most effective and valid aesthetic medicine treatments, there is an infallible way: look at those who make celebs.

In the last period, for example, there is a lot of talk about Morpheus8 which has become the most viral technology of the moment, thanks to the coming out from Kim Kardashian who baptized it on game changer treatments.

But what is it about? And what does it do specifically?

Morpheus8 by InMode is the new minimally epidermal remodeling device
invasive and subcutaneous adipose remodeling (SARD). The first and only technology
modular for one treatment full body fractionated to rejuvenate the face and reshape the body.

The triple action of sub-necrotic heating of non-specific tissue, fat coagulation, tissue contraction and ablation entail an improvement of superficial skin irregularities, skin laxity, as well as fine and deep wrinkles and scars.

For the face, the fractional technology of Morpheus8 allows the treatment of irregularities of the skin surface such as fine and deep wrinkles and acne scars for an improvement in skin tone and texture.

For the body, on the other hand, it allows a remodeling of subcutaneous adipose tissue up to 7mm deep on large areas such as thighs, buttocks and abdomen. The Tip of Morpheus8 Body Treatment is composed of a matrix of 40 gold-coated micro-needles with a maximum penetration depth of 7mm plus an additional thermal profile of 1mm. This treatment is ideal for indications such as skin laxity, but also for the cellulite treatment.