Joanie Lockhart is very mature.

Anna Paquin will play in the fifth season of Alison (Ruth Wilson) and Coles (Joshua Jackson) daughter The affairshe confirmed on Friday. The Oscar winner said she was "so excited !!!" Join the Showtime drama on Instagram.

In the fifth season, the show changes by a time jump of 20 to 30 years. Joanie returns to "a climate-devastated Montauk" to find out what really happened to her mother. In the fourth season, Alison was murdered by her boyfriend Ben (Ramon Rodriguez), but her death should look like a suicide. The series' return will look back at the events of the past season and give insights into the consequences the characters have for their actions.

Dominic West's Noah and Maura Tierney's Helen will return as Julia Goldani Telles and Jadon Sand come on stage as their children. Sanaa Lathan will return as Noah's love interest Janelle, while Claire's band will play a new love interest in Helen, Sasha Mann. The fifth season will see Emily Browning, Omar Metwally, Russell Hornsby, John Doman, Kathleen Chalfant, Max Fowler, Abigail Dylan Harrison and Jake Siciliano as guest stars.

Jackson's return to The affair is still unconfirmed, along with his screen operator, Catalina Sandino Morenos Luisa.

A source told ET in September that when Jackson returns for season five, "it would only be for one episode". According to the source, Jackson was not originally scheduled to return to season three, but eventually agreed to season four. The series's creator, Sarah Treem, has a plan for Cole in the fifth season, but Jackson has gone "on very different terms," ​​the source says, adding that the actor does not want to return.

The affair returns to Showtime, returns in 2019.


Joshua Jackson is unlikely to return to The Affair in Season 5: Source (Exclusive)

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