The Airbus A330-800 makes its first flight

The Airbus A330-800 makes its first flight

The last major carrier of the European aircraft manufacturer, expected to compete with the Boeing 787, conducted a test flight of 4 hours Tuesday morning in Toulouse.

The future competitor of the Boeing 787 took flight on Tuesday morning. At 10:30 sharp, the A330-800, medium-haul long-haul carrier developed by the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus, took off from Toulouse-Blagnac airport (Haute-Garonne) for a four-hour test flight.

"This new A330 Family aircraft provides non-stop flights between South East Asia and Europe and trans-Pacific flights between Southeast Asia and the US West Coast," said Crawford Hamilton, marketing director of the A330 program at a press conference.

Less fuel-efficient

In detail, The A330-800 can fly over 15,000 kilometers with 257 passengers on board divided into three classes. In total, it can accommodate up to 406 passengers. The A330 is the best-selling full-size medium-lift aircraft and can fly on journeys up to 17 hours thanks to different mass variants.

In the face of the Boeing 787, Airbus promises airlines a 25% reduction in fuel consumption per seat compared to competitors of the previous generation. Compared to its US rival, its operating cost is 7% lower.

Already two orders, in addition to TAP Air Portugal

This first flight comes as the Airbus A330-900 was certified in September and will come into service by the end of the year with TAP Air Portugal. The A330-800 certification program includes approximately 300 hours of flight testing, paving the way for certification in 2019 and commissioning in 2020.

Two other companies have already opted for this new model: Kuwait Airways has ordered eight A330-800s on October 15, 2018 and Uganda Airlines two in July 2018.

"The A330 family is still young, but it already has nearly 200 customers and we must not forget that companies like to see the new aircraft in service before ordering," said François Kubica, chief engineer of the A330, adding that "the market will come soon to replace the A330-200".

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