The Aix-Marseille Provence CCI launches its artificial intelligence laboratory

It is a space of 250 m2 located on the ground floor of the Palais de la Bourse. The “rIAlity Lab” or artificial intelligence laboratory of the Aix-Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry was inaugurated on July 8. ” It is a tool intended for all businesses in our region, from the smallest to large groups. Our metropolitan CCI had to facilitate the access and visibility of this service in terms of AI, while being aware of the economic and societal challenges. », Explains Jean-Luc Chauvin, its president. This flagship project of the mandate had taken a little delay because of the confinements.

Creation in Marseille of RIAlity, a lab on artificial intelligence

Dynamism accelerator

It is now a reality, with the help of prestigious founding partners such as the University of Aix-Marseille, Microsoft France, or Sopra Steria. “ The AMU teams have mobilized to carry out this project, which is fundamental for us, because it corresponds to our vision of innovation and of the university’s commitment to its territory. “, Advances Eric Berton, president of AMU. For the latter, this rIAlity Lab is a ” accelerator of dynamism in the territory ” on ” promoting social engagement and professional integration of students, while being a demonstrator of scientific content resulting from students’ professional research ».

« The rIAlity Lab will create digital innovation hubs in the region by connecting the various local players », Adds Gilles d’Aramon of Microsoft France. The Lab is also embarking on a whole local ecosystem in its adventure with Enedis, Kedge Business School, the City of innovation and knowledge Aix-Marseille, IBM, the French Tech Aix-Marseille Région Sud, etc …

Open to companies

« With this laboratory, we want to allow companies to discover AI, to appropriate it and to invent the economy of tomorrow. », Suggests Jean-Luc Chauvin. ” The three objectives of this laboratory are to help companies understand AI, to support them so that they take advantage of new solutions and finally to test and create industrial prototypes. », Explains Jean-Daniel Beurnier, vice-president of the CCI AMP.

Concretely, the rIAlity Lab will offer ” an offer geared towards businesses and citizens “. A first access can be done through a free one-hour exchange with one of the experts. Otherwise three formulas are developed. The Vision for ” business leaders and entrepreneurs wishing to create, develop and identify opportunities in response to their needs “. A study could be carried out by the experts of the Lab. The Immersion offer, in order to ” carry out an inventory and identify opportunities in response to their business needs “. The support will be personalized and comprehensive. There will also be the possibility of accessing turnkey workshops. The Experimentation offer will aim to ” confront a concept with the market to validate the opportunity to continue investing in its development ».

Bringing the AI ​​community to life

This AI Lab comes at a time when Marseille is confirming its role as a global data crossroads, with the installation of submarine cables and the development of an entire economic sector linked to data hosting or to the ‘Digital Economy.

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« We are part of the 5 global data hubs, recalls Jean-Luc Chauvin. It would be a shame not to take advantage of this positioning and the dynamic offered in order to take up this issue and make it a force for our territory. ».

In addition to business services, the Lab will offer events, such as an event dedicated to the AI ​​community in the fall of 2021. The idea is to create an intelligent collective dynamic… and not artificial this time.