the alarming prediction about the future of Carlos III

In a report with the Daily Star, Davies was categorical: “I don’t have a good feeling about Carlos”. The specialist’s statement came after seeing the new king complaining because his assistants had not removed an object that was on the table when he had to sign a document.

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For women, Carlos III will not occupy the throne for a long time. “It will be a matter of months,” she said (Photo: file).

For Davies, “he’s also stabilizing himself, holding the table, and he has a feeling that this it’s too much pressure all of a sudden“.

The funeral of Isabel II: what would be the future of Carlos III

For the woman, in this situation she observed what is called a “death stare”. What is its meaning? “That that person won’t last, that they suddenly look old and gaunt“, he claimed.

From this, according to his perception, Charles will not be on the throne for a long time. In this regard, he recalled that already in December he anticipated that William will be king “earlier than expected.”

At the time, Davies claimed that there were going to be “major changes in the royal family” and predicted that it would look “a gradual decline in the queen’s public presence”.

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For Davies, "William will be  the best king in history" (Photo: file).

For Davies, “Guillermo will be the best king in history” (Photo: archive).

I see that the prince Carlos will have a short reign and I don’t know why, it’s not specifically that I see his death or anything. I really don’t think he’s right and neither is Camilla (Parker-Bowles) for that role,” he expressed.

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“What I see is that if he takes over, it won’t be for long. We’re only talking about a couple of months or so. until he hands over the reins,” Davies added.

Regarding the arrival of the eldest son of Carlos to the throne, the specialist predicted: “William will be the best king in history. He’s a million percent cut out for that role. He has been since he was born and has his mother by his side every step of the way.”