Michael Jackson it is one of the celebrities who turned tendencia networks socialafter that Anonymous screened a series of files that allegedly exposes a pedophile ring in the united States, where politicians, celebrities and figures of power have -supposedly – an active participation. The King of Pop it was also linked to it, though not just as a participant but as one of the whistleblowers.

The famous became a trend thanks to a course audio where revealed controversial secrets in this topic just a few days before his death, June 25, 2009. It refers to the King of Pop he feared for his life, for he had someone more powerful than the government that could kill him. The message, allegedly, was taken from a call.

“I don’t know if I should say this, I do not know who could be listening. There may be a group of people who… want to be rid of me. They no longer want to be here”, is heard to say allegedly Michael Jackson.

“What do you mean”, asks the man that holds the call.

Moments later, Michael Jackson detailing his fear of being killed by someone who might even incriminarlo on the consumption of drugs.

“I can’t talk about it on the phone. I don’t know that I will pass but I feel it in my soul. Only God knows. They can shoot me, can apuñalarme, they can incriminarme, and can say that I had a drug overdose. They can do many things”, is heard to say to the King of Pop.

“Who, who could be doing these things?” questioned the man.

Allegedly, Michael Jackson revealed that the only thing I wanted after breaking the silencewas that their children were well.

It is not the government, is more than the government. Them I can take. I don’t mind my life, I I just want my children to be well. I have to go,” he said.

The June 25, 2009, the news of all the world revealed that the King of Pop he had died. Michael Jackson died of an overdose of propofol and benzodiazepines.

Anonymous and the pedophile

The international group of hacker known activism during the social problems by “Anonymous”published in the last few hours a video in which a protest for the murder of the african-american George Floydin the united States , in addition to promises to dismantle and expose the network of police corruption all over the country.

Anonymous is known internationally for promoting cyber-attacks against governmental agencies and institutions, as a form of protest.

What is the ‘Pizzagate’ and how did it come about?

The Pizzagate it is a conspiracy theory that started during the presidential elections of 2016. During this year, leaked emails from WikiLeaks where they pointed to an alleged network of paedophiles made up by people of power in the united States: politicians, producers, celebrities from the entertainment industry and more.

In the post where it was leaking the information appeared several words repeated like “chicken and pasta”, “pizza”, “hot dog”, “cheese”. After several analyses, it was informed that the nonsense words themselves meant something. The words were alleged codes to talk about porn, girls, children, pedophilia.

This indicated that both Hillary Clinton -candidate for the U.s. presidency in 2016 – as John Podesta and other powerful politicians were part of an alleged network of pedophiles. However, the information presented was contradicted by the Metropolitan Police department of the District of Columbia in Washington.

In addition, related to the alleged pedophile ring with Comet Ping Ponga pizzeria located in Washingtonafter the December 14, 2016, Edgar Maddison Welch came armed to the place of pizza and shot the course in order to save children they were being enslaved. However, nothing said could be confirmed.

Anonymous recently also he accused the president of the united States, Donald Trump, be part of the network of pedophiliaas holding a “close friendship” with Jeffrey Epsteinthe millionaire us that was sexually abused several teenagers who committed suicide in prison in August of 2019.



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