the ambitions of Olympique de Safi explained by its coach Tarek Mostafa

In an interview for Le360sport, the Egyptian coach of Olympique de Safi, Tarek Mostafa, gives an overview of the situation of his club which, according to him, aims first at stability before thinking about titles. Words collected.

For Tarek Mostafa, recruitment in this summer transfer window has been satisfactory. He wishes, for the occasion, to thank the leaders who helped him find players to fill in the gaps. “But, he believes, new recruits still need time to be physically fit. We are working tirelessly in this direction.”

The current coach of Olympique de Safi, passed by Difaâ Hassani of El Jadida and the Rapide Club of Oued-Zem, believes that “the Botola is of a very good technical level”, arguing the suspense which characterizes all meetings and important and undecided matches in the Throne Cup.

Regarding the presence of a large number of foreign coaches in the national championship, he believes that this does not detract from the value of Moroccan coaches. “But the coach, whether foreign or local, must respond to the aspirations of officials and the public,” he says.

Tarek Mostafa is also delighted with the level of Moroccan players who “are highly appreciated by Egyptian clubs”. And to greet the supporters of Olympique de Safi who “have been instrumental in keeping the club in D1”.

As for the ambitions of the OCS, the Egyptian technician remains realistic: “we first aim to safeguard our place in the first division. The titles need a lot of means… Over time, and once the stability of the club is assured, we will seek coronations”.

Par Salah Maghani et Anass Zaidaoui