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WASHINGTON, Nov. 6 – RIA News. Russia is unlikely to pose the same threat to the United States as China in 2025–2035, because it will not be able to maintain its potential at the current level, said the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Armed Forces, General Joseph Dunford.

Ground interference module. Archival photo
NI told about the successes of Russia in countering the "deadly" weapons of the United States

"When we talk about the horizon of 2025-2035 – the benchmark by which we assess our ability to perform our functions at that time – we will be able to achieve greater opportunities than China, and, possibly, Russia, which is unlikely to be able to support the same level as what it is doing now. Demographic and economic indicators are falling there. And I do not think that Russia will pose the same significant threat in China from 2025-2035, "he said during a speech at Duke University, which was broadcast on site P ntagona.

According to Dunford, China has more opportunities to increase its capacity.

"In my opinion, what they have done in terms of building up their military potential over the past few years will continue … I think the next 20-30 years should be viewed as a threat to China,” he added. Dunford

US Army soldiers. Archival photo
In the US, they estimated the chances of success in the conflict with Russia and China

In September, US Secretary of Defense James Mattis called Russia's nuclear weapons the primary foreign threat to his country.

Earlier, the Pentagon promulgated the US nuclear doctrine, in which he paid great attention to the development of Russian nuclear forces. The document says that Washington will continue to invest in the development of low-power nuclear warheads and modernize elements of the "nuclear triad" (intercontinental missiles, strategic submarines and bombers).

Statements about the "Russian threat" periodically come from the lips of Western politicians, most often from the Baltic countries and Poland. At the same time, Moscow has repeatedly stressed that it will never attack any of the NATO countries. According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, NATO is well aware of the absence of Russia’s plans to attack anyone, but simply uses the occasion to deploy more equipment and battalions near the Russian borders.



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