The American rapper Macklemore, happy daddy at the Zenith of Paris


WE ARE – Top hat and fur coat, the 34-year-old singer has imposed his style for his second concert Saturday night. During two hours of show, confessions have followed one another, anti-Trump commitments and surprise guests.
“I challenge you to a dance off. Hands off, no trash talk, no back walk “(” I challenge you to dance, without hands, without superficial discussion, without going back “). Successful challenge for Benjamin Haggerty, aka Macklemore, who met with great success during the passage of his tour Gemini Tour at the Zenith of Paris on April 14 and 15. Two sold out dates, he says. He has something to be proud of. Spectators warned, “I want to see you sweat at the end of the show,” exclaimed Macklemore after only a few minutes of the stage. Accompanied by his musicians, he chained the titles of his last album, Gemini , like its classics of the previous ones, of Can not hold us at Dance Off . In a minimalist setting, it’s his offbeat style that illuminated the scene of the Zenith in Paris. Fur coat for Thrift Shop , top hat for Willy Wonka , scintillating jacket for And we dance , the chameleon has appropriated each of his songs down to the smallest detail. A message of peace and tolerance Known for his commitment, Macklemore did not hesitate to make a speech against President Donald Trump and his policy sometimes considered sexist and homophobic. The singer advocates in his songs peace and tolerance. Before interpreting his title Same Love , in which he defends the LGBT community and the right of everyone to love whoever he wants, he asked the public to shout three times the word “peace”. After some declarations of love in Paris, his “favorite city”, Macklemore revealed to his fans a secret that he hitherto kept very carefully. Father of a three-year-old girl, Sloane, who usually follows him in all his travels, the rapper explained why this time he came alone: ​​”She just had a little sister and she has a French name The news delighted the crowd who cheered the 34-year-old singer. Macklemore chained his biggest hits on almost two hours of show. The time of an aside, he chose two people in the audience and put them on stage for a dance “battle”. One of them went shirtless and went on break dance. Parisians are definitely “favorite fans” of rapper. On several occasions, he jumps into the crowd in full chorus and is carried by the public while it encourages them to dance and raise their arms to the sound of the music. Seen from the stands, the unison movements of the audience are impressive.
“Let’s enjoy the moment” Following his moving interpretation of intentions , accompanied by the crooner Dan Caplen on the piano, the rapper tried to convince his audience to give up their phones: “You have had enough time to do Snaps, now we will enjoy the moment.” But without real success. “Normally that’s when I say ” good night ” and I get into my hotel eating croissants,” sneers Macklemore at the end of his energetic rendition of Can not hold us which raised the 6000 spectators of the Zenith. “No, I’m in Paris,” it was not finished. As a reminder accompanied by eclectic Eric Nally, Macklemore sang the title Dowtown in an Olympic form. He shouts, sings, jumps and dances without stopping. Surrounded by his dancers, musicians and DJ, he ends with the famous Glorious and encourages the audience to sing the chorus with him. “Last night it was magic, tonight it was spectacular,” enthuses the singer before greeting his team and bow to the public. The atmosphere does not fall yet, all shout his name. Until the end, Macklemore will enjoy the last moments with his Parisian fans. While the light is off and the song I Feel Good James Brown sounds in background music, the rapper remains on stage a few minutes to launch his fans towels with which he wiped. If you missed the performance of the singer in Paris, his tour continues in Germany in Oberhausen Tuesday, April 17.


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