The Amicale de Gascogne met


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Saturday morning, in the ballroom, in the presence of Jacques Champeaud and Richard Lazartigues, deputy mayors, the members of the Amicale de Gascogne held their general meeting.

The Gascony Association

This Amicale brings together 10 racecourses: Gabarret, Cazaubon, Eauze, Biarritz, Valence sur Baïse, Vic Fezensac, Trie sur Baïse, Fleurance, Castéra Verduzan and Auch.

Jean-Pierre Trabesse, president of the Gabarret equestrian society welcomed the presidents of the equestrian societies and the members who accompanied them.

The Gabarret reception

After his warm welcome, Jean-Pierre Trabesse gave the floor to Jacques Champeaud. The latter, after welcoming and thanking the Amicale for the honor it was doing Gabarret with this meeting, presented in detail the geographical location of Gabarret, its wealth, its population, its two primary schools, its two colleges and the vocational high school, as well as services, in particular the nursing home, and the racecourse located in two departments.

The intervention of the president of the Amicale

Patrick Buros, president of the Amicale first of all thanked the gabardans for their welcome, then for their presence, the president of the South-West federation, Gérard Cazeneuve and the vice-president Bernard Sarramejean, as well as the presidents of the equestrian societies.

After inviting the audience to observe a minute of silence in memory of the volunteers who died during this year, Patrick recalled that for this season, 43 meetings had taken place on the Amicale’s racetracks.

The problems due to the drought, the heat wave, the impossibility of watering, penalized certain companies.

The president gave the floor to each president.

For Auch, the season was very difficult because of the heat wave.

Biarritz got good results with lots of entries.

Chestnut Verduzan had a difficult season with watering difficulties and during a meeting at 40° on the racecourse, the public was not there.

Cazaubon postponed a meeting because of the heat and the result was not beneficial with less entries.

Eauze had a satisfying year and higher admissions than 2019.

Fleurance achieved more entries and the president does not complain.

Gabarrett like Auch because of the weather canceled races and the holiday Monday meeting was postponed to Tuesday. It did not experience the usual crowds and therefore a drop in activity was noted.

Sort on Baise got good entries and has ambitions to improve the track.

Valence-sur-Baise considering the heat wave has developed the well-being of the horses by increasing the water points and attendance at the racecourse has nevertheless been maintained.

For Vic Fezensac the season was catastrophic because of the weather.

Four racecourses of the Amicale will receive in 2023, the hippodrome en fête. These are Auch, Eauze, Gabarret, Vic Fezensac.

At the end of the meeting, the president announced the results of the drivers’ challenge. This challenge takes place throughout the season.

The challenge podium is as followst :  1is Frederic Clozier, 2e Romain LeCreps, 3e Cedric Terry.

As usual, the Amicale rewarded the drivers with very nice prizes.

The Escalanais Richard Westerink, trainer of Astonishing was present. He was honored and congratulated by the members of the Amicale de Gascogne.

The Fellowship office is composed of the president Patrick Buros, the vice-president Pierre Sauvage, the secretary Bernard Sarramejean.

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