The amount of operations in Spain fell by 11% in 2022, according to TTR


The Spanish transactional market registered 3,060 mergers and acquisitions between announced and closed last year, for an aggregate amount of 108,068 million euros, which represents an increase of 0.36% in the number of transactions and a decrease of 11% in their amount, according to a TTR Data report published this Wednesday.

The real estate sector was the most active of the year, with a total of 647 transactions, 23% more than in 2021. It is followed by the Internet, software and IT services sector, with 362 transactions and a year-on-year decrease of 2%.

Among all the operations registered in 2022, TTR Data has highlighted the sale by Rolls-Royce Holdings of 100% of the Spanish Industria de Turbo Propulsores (ITP) to a consortium formed by Bain Capital, JB Capital Markets and Sapa for 1,700 million of euros.

Spanish companies chose Portugal, the United States, and the United Kingdom as the main destinations for their investments, with 62, 50, and 44 transactions, respectively. In terms of amount, the United States is the country in which Spain has made the greatest disbursement, with an aggregate amount of 8,505 million euros.

On the other hand, the United States, the United Kingdom and France are the countries that have made the greatest number of investments in Spain during the year, with 227, 191 and 177 operations, respectively. By amount, the United States stands out, with an aggregate amount of 36,239 million

The private equity segment registered a total of 421 transactions in 2022, of which 109 have an aggregate non-confidential amount of 43,490 million euros. This represents a 30% increase in the number of transactions and a 22% increase in their amount, compared to the previous year.

In the venture capital market, 706 transactions were carried out, of which 593 have an aggregate non-confidential amount of 5,379 million. In this case, there has been a decrease compared to the same period of 2021 of 4% in the number of transactions and a decrease of 41% in the mobilized capital.

In the asset acquisition market, 838 transactions were closed with an amount of 17,868 million, which implies a 5% increase in the number of transactions and a 27% increase in their value.


Rothschild and Banco Santander led the ranking of financial advisors by amount in 2022 with 8,706 million and 7,572 million euros, respectively, while by number of operations, they were led by Arcano Partners and Banco Santander, with 19 and 18 transactions, respectively.

Regarding the ranking of legal advisors, Uría Menéndez Spain is the leader by amount with 37,148 million, while by number of transactions Garrigues Spain is in first place with 198 ‘deals’ advised.