The Anies-Ridwan Kamil Duet Is Predicted to Be Great in the 2024 Presidential Election


West Java (Jabar) Governor Ridwan Kamil is considered to be a potential figure to accompany Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan in the 2024 presidential election. Anies Baswedan is claimed to be able to win the presidential election if he is paired with Ridwan Kamil.

In the survey results released by Indo Research entitled Results of the 2024 National Election Survey: Potential for Two Rounds for the survey period 11-17 April 2022, a number of simulations of presidential and vice presidential candidates appeared. The survey involved 1,096 respondents.

Indo Research researcher Roki Arbi, currently the electability distance between candidates is very close. Thus, it is still too early to predict the potential figures who will win in the 2024 presidential election. However, the election of the vice presidential candidate can be a decisive victory.

“In several simulations of candidate pairs, it was found that the cawapres partner factor will affect voter preferences in the presidential election,” said Roki Arbi in a statement received detikJabarFriday (20/5/2022).

Furthermore, Roki Arbi explained that the survey used a simulation of 18 potential names. As a result, there are three layers to categorize electability.

At the top with a score of more than 15 percent are Ganjar Pranowo and Anies Baswedan. Then, in the middle board with a value of four to 10 percent, namely Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY), Ridwan Kamil and Sandiaga Uno. Finally, the names of other figures are at the bottom with a value of four percent.

Furthermore, Roki Arbi said that from the simulations offered to respondents, Anies Baswedan could win the 2024 presidential election if there were two candidates from the middle board, namely Ridwan Kamil and Sandiaga Uno. Anies Baswedan’s victory is stronger if he goes head to head with Ganjar Pranowo.

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Meanwhile, against Ganjar Pranowo-Erick Thohir, Anies Baswedan will still win if he is paired with the two mid-table candidates.

“Anies will win if paired with Sandiaga Uno, the result is 49.5 percent of the vote. And Anies will also win if paired with Ridwan Kamil with 49.1 percent,” said Roki Arbi.

Then, Roki Arbi explained that other simulations were also carried out. Ganjar Pranowo-Ridwan Kamil against Anies-Sandiaga. Apparently, the couple Ganjar Pranowo-Ridwan Kamil.

Roki Arbi said that in the survey results, Ridwan Kamil had a significant voice in supporting Anies Baswedan. This can be seen from the vote migration of Ridwan Kamil’s voters if the 2024 presidential election is narrowed down to two names, namely Anies and Prabowo Subianto. Each of the votes amounted to 46.4 percent.

“Despite being in the middle board, the respondents’ preference for Ridwan Kamil was observed to be high compared to Anies Baswedan,” said Roki Arbi.

“Then, although the most popular is Prabowo, the most liked are Ganjar with 90.7 percent, Sandiaga Uno with 84.7 percent, Ridwan Kamil with 83.2 percent, and Anies with 81.2 percent,” said Roki Arbi. .

The names of Ridwan Kamil and Sandiaga Uno have appeared several times in the results of a number of survey institutions as the strongest candidates for vice president. The Indicator Survey some time ago was titled Economic Recovery Post COVID-19, Pandemic Fatigue, and Electoral Dynamics ahead of the 2024 General Election which was held from 6 to 11 December 2021.

RK is in second place with 15.3 percent, behind Sandiaga Uno who won 25 percent. The figure was obtained from the question of who the vice president would be elected if the presidential election was held at this time.

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Support for Ridwan Kamil Keeps Flowing

On the other hand, support for West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil to run in the 2024 presidential election continues to come. This time the support came from young people in Pontianak.

Coordinator of the Pontianak Millennial Association, Hengky, stated that he and his colleagues expressed support because they hoped that Ridwan Kamil could revitalize the agricultural sector.

“Almost all provinces have fertile land. But why do we still depend on imports,” he said.

On the other hand, he continued, Indonesia is rich in human resources who can optimize the potential of domestic agriculture. “We also have IPB, one of them. Our agriculture should be successful,” he said.

According to Hengky, this sluggishness occurred because there was no good planning for domestic agricultural development.

“In fact, our population is very large. Definitely need food. Will imports continue?” he complained.

Therefore, he made sure that in the future Indonesia needs leaders who have a good vision and mission about agriculture.

Even though he just found out from information in the media, he is optimistic that the need for leaders who care about local agriculture will be met by Ridwan Kamil’s figure.

He said that the millennial farmer program run by Ridwan Kamil when he led West Java was now very effective in restoring the glory of local agriculture.

“This can bring back the interest of us young people to want to farm in the village. Because with farming, young people still have a bright future,” he said.

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