The Anjou biotech Green Impulse raises 5 million euros – Le Journal des Entreprises – Maine-et-Loire

Shortly after its launch in 2019, Green Impulse had raised a first fundraising of 500,000 euros, with an equivalent bank leverage bringing the sum to one million euros, which had enabled it to deploy a first alternative product to fungicides for the plant protection. Three years later, the start-up based in Angers, which develops biocontrol solutions to avoid the use of chemical substances, is accelerating with a new funding round, concluded this time to the tune of 5 million euros. euros. Fundraising from France Ecotechnologies 2 (fund managed by Bpifrance as part of the future investment program), Go Capital, Pays de la Loire Développement and the crowdfunding platform GwenneG. Alexandre Olivaud, one of the co-founders of the company, remains the main shareholder, alongside Bpifrance and Go Capital, which together hold the majority of the shares.

The United States then Europe

In 2020, the Angers start-up launched the marketing of a first product, used in large straw cereal crops, while continuing its research on new alternatives to fungicides. “The product that we have marketed is adopted in many networks, including agricultural cooperatives, and allows us to be known, explains Alexandre Olivaud, co-founder and president of Green Impulse. It is also a resource for the company which represents 250,000 euros to date, which should double within a year and reach one million euros in 2023 or 2024. This is not enough to continue our research but it is still significant, because few biotechs develop a turnover on a product in parallel with their R & D. We are thus building an SME while investing in a long-term research project.” The objective of Green Impulse, which therefore sourced this first product to “prime the pump”, is to become the world leader in this new family of antifungals on which it is working. For this, the company uses an innovation patented in 2012 by the University of Angers, whose technology it has integrated. “Now, it is a question of obtaining marketing authorization, continues Alexandre Olivaud. We are first considering the United States in 2025, because approval is faster there, then Europe in 2027. This fundraising will allow us to better structure our R&D development with a view to these objectives.”

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Inhibit plant pathogenic fungi

With this fundraising which results after a year and a half of work, Green Impulse will indeed be able, on the one hand, to consolidate the marketing of its first product and, on the other hand, to accelerate in the development of its marketing records. The start-up, which collaborates with the National Institute of Agronomic Research and the University of Angers, has given its family of antifungal molecules aimed at protecting crops the name of ARPI, for “adaptive response pathways inhibitors”. . These so-called synergist solutions aim to fight against certain diseases such as apple scab, vine mildew or septoria in cereals. Biocontrol solutions for plant protection and biostimulation, usable in organic farming, they inhibit plant pathogenic fungi. “The ARPI value proposition lies in a unique mode of action that allows association with all the biocontrol innovations on the market and to achieve performance equivalent to synthetic pesticides”, indicates Emmanuel Pajot, co-founder and general manager. by Green Impulse.

Currently with around ten employees, the company should reach 12 people by the end of the year. She is considering moving to new premises, still to the west of Angers, in about a year and a half. She also plans another fundraiser in a few years.