The anti-pollution photo safari of the photographer from Chartres Chloé Keith

That’s about the size of a single bed… 2 m2. And yet, despite the relative cramped nature of this exploration space, for a photographer who likes wide-shot portraits, Chloé Keith, 25, did not come back empty-handed from this photo safari of the infinitely small, taken at Chartres, near her home, on a private plot of 2 m2, in the district of Faubourg-la-Grappe.

Inspired by containment

Crushed bottle, plastic caps, soggy cigarette ends, weather-corroded soda can, crumpled burger wrapper: it’s crazy how much the photographer from Chartres captured in the lens of her camera, equipped with a brand new lens for macros, all in such a small space.

I saw what we no longer see, we are so used to it: there was more waste than nature

“It had been a long time since I had this pollution inventory photo project in mind,” explains this former model, converted into photography, who became known locally at the end of last year by producing a series clichés about domestic violence: a test that she herself suffered a few years before. “Containment was the trigger. I couldn’t take pictures of people anymore. I fell back on the flora and fauna around my home. And I saw what we no longer see, we are so used to it: there was more waste than nature. “

An exhibition on the tapestries of the coronation of Henri IV, all summer long, at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Chartres

A planned exhibition

The photographer plans to set up an exhibition around her “harvest”, but not in Chartres, which she is preparing to leave in the course of the summer to reach Lille (North), where another professional career awaits her, still in the photo, and other reporting projects: “I would like to work on physical peculiarities, like birthmarks, to help people accept them better. “

An association takes action to develop the zero waste approach in the agglomeration of Chartres

Convenient. Chloé Keith’s work can be seen on her Facebook page.

Sébastien Couratin