The appearance of the YouTuber who photographed with MrBeast, Logan Paul

After Bem shot a video with popular content creator MrBeast, his channel suddenly exploded.

Beem posted a video titled “I just surprised MrBeast with a custom car!” in July 2021.

Matthew Beam via YouTube

Throughout 2020, Beem has posted several videos about popular YouTuber MrBeast, who currently has 96 million subscribers and is one of the most viewed and highest paid creators on the platform.

Bem did not personally know MrBeast, whose real name was Jimmy Donaldson at the time, but used the YouTube username in various video titles, such as “I Covered My House With Mister Beast’s Face,” And The “MrBeast Demanded To Give Me $100,000”

On July 27, 2021, Bim posted a YouTube video entitled “I Surprised MrBeast With a Custom Car!”

In the video, Bem, using the skills he learned at his job as an auto painter, films himself Smart Vehicle Customization to Donaldson in celebration of the launch of a new YouTuber burger chain, MrBeast Burger.

Beem, who had 19,000 subscribers at the time, according to analytics tracker Social Blade, told Insider that he spent a month customizing and wrapping the car and drove it to North Carolina, where he knew Donaldson was based, to try convincing a YouTuber to accept the car in a video with him.

Bem told Insider that one of Donaldson’s producers initially turned down a collaboration offer Bem had sent them because Donaldson was too busy to take the opportunity. Bem said he decided to pursue his video idea to surprise Donaldson and his team.

“I bought a smart car without asking them because I figured it was a lot easier to say no to an idea than to say something cool was already done.”

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When Beam drove to North Carolina, he said he contacted Donaldson’s producers, who agreed to let him introduce Donaldson to the car in a video. The video now has 4.5 million views on the platform.

Donaldson representatives did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.