The appointment with the most ‘admirable’ toilets of 2023

The Royal Tapestry Factory has hosted in Madrid the celebration of the 31st Anniversary of the Medical Journalin an event in which the newspaper has dressed in long together with its sister publication, Correo Farmacéuticoy in collaboration with Bidafarma y Pfizer.

During the celebration, the Admirable Awards, which are in their third edition and were born with the outbreak of covid-19 as a tribute to their commendable work during the pandemic. They are awards aimed at recognizing the daily work of health professionals in Spain in four categories: Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing and Research.

It has also been officially introduced to Daniel Aparicio, director of Diario Médico and Correo Farmacéutico, who has just taken office. They have been with him Marco Pompignoli, President of the Editorial Unit (UE), and Rosario Serrano, Business Director of the EU Health Area. All of them have received from the authorities: Silvia Calzon FernandezSecretary of State for Health, who closed the event; Enrique Ruiz EscuderoMinister of Health of the Community of Madrid, and Jesus Garcia-Cruces MendezDeputy Minister of Health Care, Planning and Health Results and Regional Health Manager of the Junta de Castilla y León.

Jesús García-Cruces Méndez, Deputy Minister of Health Care, Planning and Results in Health of Castilla y León; Rosario Serrano, director of the EU Health Business; Carlos Murillo, president of Pfizer Spain; Silvia Calzón, Secretary of State for Health; Marco Pompignoli, President of the EU; Enrique Ruiz Escudero, Minister of Health of Madrid; Antonio Mingorance, president of Bidafarma; Daniel Aparicio, director of DM, and A. Pérez Ostos (Bidafarma). Photo: J.L. PINED.

Total, half a thousand political, professional and health sector representatives They have attended this appointment with the Spanish health, already traditional in each spring. Thus, we have been accompanied by presidents of professional associations, scientific societies, employers in the sector (pharmaceutical distribution, generic drugs, innovators…) and different personalities from both public and private health.

Specifically, the top representatives of doctors, pharmacists, nurses, dentists and researchers have shared this evening with us: Jesus Aguilarpresident of the General Council of COF; Oscar Castropresident of the General Council of Dentists; Christopher Beldadirector of the Carlos III Health Institute; Jose Maria Rodriguez VicenteSecretary General of the Collegiate Medical Organization (OMC), and Diego AyusoSecretary General of the General Nursing Council.

Likewise, on behalf of the Ministry of Defence, it has attended Alejandro Zamanillo SainzPharmacist Brigadier General and Deputy Inspector General of Pharmaceutical Support and Management.

In his first words, Aparicio has indicated that he debuts “in front of a super team of journalists who, with their rigor, professionalism and independence, have built the prestige of Diario Médico and the rest of the Health Area of ​​Unidad Editorial”. Immediately afterwards, he emphasized that, as journalists, “we look to the future with enthusiasm and with the responsibility of continuing to write that future for all of you”.

Besides, he has alluded, of course, to our Admirable Awards: “We celebrate the talent of 12 health professionalswhose effort and dedication have made a difference and have made new horizons available to society in the field of Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing and Research”.

On the part of the Government, Calzón has put the finishing touch to the event. “For an initiative like this to be consolidated over time, you have to start by choosing the right name: Admirable. When we admire, we show our respect and appreciation for the efforts of these people. And We are building benchmarks, like the 12 men and women we are awarding today, representing health workers from all over the country”. He has also pointed out that it is an incentive for professionals who are starting out.

“The 12 trajectories are very different, but they come together in wanting to improve people’s health. Everyone is participative and committed. In short, they transform with a capital letter, because they work to achieve changes that revert to an improvement in the population”, he indicated. “In these 31 years alone, how much progress have we seen? What is behind each advance is a superlative effort, which forces us to reposition ourselves and consider how we can participate”. And he summarized: “For me it is a satisfaction to see that we share challenges”.

In the context of these challenges and linked to the Admirable Awards, the Secretary of State has highlighted the value of the winners. Thus, she has named some of them, such as Lola Palomino, community pharmacist in Cádiz and expert in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): “As Lola did in her day, so that there would be a specialty in Child Psychiatry, and today, finally, in this MIR call, the first 20 places have already been awarded and 656 specialist titles have been recognized through extraordinary means. Without No doubt, it’s great news.” You have also mentioned Jorge Mínguez, a retired primary care nurse: ”He began his passion for the PA and for the community in full reform of the system in our country”.

Likewise, Calzón has alluded to academic life: “In our daily practice we also have to face challenges. Many of you are teachers and you know how difficult it is to find teachers, with staff that are too depleted. We must move forward in this regard. The change in criteria of the National Agency for the Evaluation of the Quality and Accreditation of Spain (Aneca) this year, giving a different weight to the healthcare experience in Health Sciences, should help us to move faster”.

Taking him to his land, The Secretary of State has remarked that “above all, the SNS must be able to take advantage of all these advances in research. They are useless if they don’t reach the patients in the end.”

In this context, has mentioned projects undertaken by the Government: “That is why it is important to promote plans, such as this year’s Genes Plan, so that this very useful tool, both for diagnosis and treatment, is available in all parts of our country, regardless of where one resides, providing it with with 100 million euros”.

Previously, in a dialogue with the journalist Ainhoa ​​Arbizu (who hosted the event), Serrano has referred to the fact that “there is no master formula” to achieve success, but some good ingredients, such as innovation, attitude, values ​​and a team to maintain: “Diario Médico is a link between health entities in all areas and has become the speaker of the entire profession, with rigor, honesty and independence. […] has set a trend“.

Strengthen the NHS

Similarly, García-Cruces has emphasized that “rewarding our toilets is a way of reinforcing our National Health System (SNS)since professionals are a great asset”. And he highlighted the recently signed agreement between Castilla y León and the Community of Madrid on health care for the border area (Segovia and Ávila) between both autonomies. He also referred to that the problems are very similar in all communities, and “it is necessary to reach consensus to face challenges such as chronicity, financing, the status of professionals… Citizens deserve it.”

In the same way, Ruiz Escudero has highlighted the Admirable Awards, and the professionals of Diario Médico and Correo Farmacéutico, “for the rigor that always characterizes them”. Of course, he has stressed that “Health professionals are the protagonists. It is a source of pride for Spanish healthcare to have you, which makes us a reference at an international level”.

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2023-05-25 18:55:53