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The ARM-based Windows PCs and Macs are coming, and they will be incredibly powerful – BGR

Intel and AMD will soon have to compete with two strong chip manufacturers, two companies that have previously focused on the mobile market. I'm talking about Apple and Qualcomm, as both companies are developing ARM chips that could power future MacBooks and Windows 10 PCs.

A variety of rumors say that Apple is working on an A-Series chip that could be strong enough for MacBooks, and that makes sense, considering that the latest iPhones and iPads outperform some Macs in benchmarks.

Meanwhile, Qualcomm's plans are not that secret. After all, the gigantic chip maker does not produce its own consumer devices like Apple, so it's almost impossible to keep the secret.

ON WinFuture Report In early June, the existence of a Snapdragon 1000 processor, a chip that was designed specifically for use in ultra-light laptops in the near future, revealed the kind of notebooks that always provide support for 4G / 5G and all-day battery life.

The same WinFuture is back with additional details about the Snapdragon 1000. Apparently, Qualcomm is developing a processor that can power desktops as well.

The Snapdragon 1000 development platform includes up to 16 GB of LPDDR4X RAM, 128 GB of storage (UFS 2.1), 802.11 ad Gigabit WLAN, and Gigabit LTE. That sounds like the high-end configuration you find on a laptop instead of a tablet.

The report also notes that the package is much larger than expected, 20 x 15 mm compared to 12.4 x 12.4 mm for the Snapdragon 845. More puzzling is the fact that the chip also comes in a socketed version , That's the kind of CPU you would find in a desktop. A socketed chip can be upgraded in the future, while a soldered chip, as is the case with mobile devices, is not user replaceable. The main reason to solder the chip on the motherboard is to reduce the thickness of a smartphone or tablet.

History does not say which devices will use the Snapdragon 1000 platform, or when laptop makers will launch Windows 10 machines packing these new Qualcomm chips.



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