The army is preparing a big exercise, people are already complaining about fighter flights!

“I’m at a cottage in Podkrkonoší and fighter jets are constantly flying over us. Even after ten o’clock in the evening. I called the Ministry of Defense and they laughed at me. So I don’t know what to do,” Mr. Vondra despairs.

The editorial staff therefore turned to the General Staff of the Czech Army for a comment. At first, the spokeswoman Magdalena Dvořáková was surprised that someone would laugh at the caller. According to her, on the contrary, people with similar complaints will receive an apology.

“It flies less, the sky is clear and the planes can be heard more than at the normal noise level we are used to,” she offered a possible explanation with reference to the coronation crisis of the army spokesperson. However, she promised to try to find out if, for example, an aerial exercise was taking place in the Giant Mountains.

At the same time, she refused to let the cottager hear fighters or other equipment arriving at the large military exercise Ample Strike 2020. It starts next Monday and in addition to Czech soldiers, members of the armies of Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia and the USA will also take part.

Ample Strike will last almost three weeks and will peak on weekdays between September 7 and 18. Not only Czech Gripen aircraft will take part in the maneuvers, but also German Eurofighters or the American B-52 bomber. And also combat helicopters.

In this case, the army does not hide the fact that the maneuvers will be accompanied by a real rumble. She has even published a map on twitter, which shows where pilots and ground units will train from 31 August to 19 September.



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