The art difficult to penetrate

ANTONIO LÓPEZ, a painter whose conceptual richness is expressed more in paintings than in the verb (Alberto Carrera Blecua placeholder image he dedicated a work to me with the legend “The painter betrays himself in the word”), has just declared that today a wonderful but complex art is created for its penetration in the bulk of the audience. “It is very difficult”.

Also in art there is capitalism and deep inequality. The economic value that the works acquire is matched by the disinterest of ordinary mortals, and thus the large pieces walk exclusively into the hands of the wealthy. Their purchasing power and a certain posture compensate for the sure ignorance about the depth of a painting and the general indifference because, unfortunately, artistic education in particular and cultural education in general impoverishes our vision.

Well it is true that the opportunism of pretentious “geniuses” does its thing, selling as memorable (and valuable) works of human or animal feces, latrines and ordinary facilities (in the double sense). This week, the Italian Salvatore Garau has made cash of 15,000 euros for “Lo sono“, An” immaterial sculpture “, that is, non-existent in which the content is allegedly energy. His sale of “Aphrodite cries” is in the making, with the chisel of imaginative suggestion. Hallucinating

It is more than likely that all these excesses make it difficult to connect with art and provoke a refractory temptation towards the avant-garde along with a nostalgic look at the classics. And yet I know wonderful artists around me who engender so much beauty that, as Tàpies once told me, they make any interpretation superfluous. Just enjoy, like a symphony. Easy and penetrating.



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