THE JAPANESE CULT BOOK THAT GAVE ORIGIN TO THE PHENOMENON OF ORDER ´This book fascinated me and inspired me to write The Magic of Order.´ MARIE KONDO
After a period of wealth and accumulation; experienced during the boom of the 60s and 70s; the Japanese have lived through a phase of convulsion and distancing from consumerism; accompanied by the physical need to get rid of the useless objects that were piling up in their tiny homes. throw things; nevertheless; it becomes a complicated operation because it runs into the old custom of reuse. So; Every time we throw something away, a little voice arises inside us that tells us: ´What a waste!´. In his work; Nagisa Tatsumi analyzes the psychological mechanisms of our aversion to giving up objects; It helps us overcome feelings of guilt and illustrates the fundamental principles that help us give in.

Born near Tokyo in 1965; Nagisa Tatsumi is an author; Japanese journalist and commentator. She published the original edition of The Art of Discarding as Suteru! Gijutsu in Japan in 2000; where she became an overnight sensation. Since then; It has become a million-copy international bestseller and was the inspiration for Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.