The artificial bird poop, the solution to take care of the paint of your car

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Updated:05/10/2020 02: 07h


Bird droppings can have serious implications on your car paint, but fortunately Ford vehicles prepare to combat this eventuality with the help of artificial bird poop. Yes, you read it right. The synthetic feces developed in the laboratory are so realistic that they can accurately reflect the different diets, and the consequent different acidity of the feces, of most birds in Europe.

Applied to the test panels as a spray, the sample pieces are aged at 40 ° C, 50 ° C, and 60 ° C in an oven to replicate customer use in extreme temperatures, bringing the paint corrosion protection to the limit.

The bird poop test is just one of many that paint samples are subjected to. They are also sprayed with phosphoric acid mixed with soap detergent, and synthetic pollen on the panels before aging in ovens at 60 ° C and 80 ° C for 30 minutes. The test also protects against particles in the air like the pollen and sticky sap of the trees.

Specifically, spring and summer can be particularly dangerous for paint, as not only are there more birds, but the paint can also soften and spread under intense sunlight. When it cools, it contracts, and any dirt, including bird droppings, sticks to the surface. If left in the vehicle, it can leave a permanent impression that requires specialized treatment to remove.

By adjusting the pigments, resins and additives that go into the manufacture of a car’s glossy protective paint, specialists can ensure that the coating Ford applies to their vehicles has the optimal makeup for resist the impact of this type of pollutants, regardless of the weather.

The science of bird poop

Bird poop is often black and white, but not everything is poop. The white part is uric acid and is the bird’s equivalent to urine, formed in the urinary tract. Poop is made in the digestive system and although both can be secreted at the same time, it happens with such speed that the two do not have time to mix.

For this reason, leaving bird poop in any car is never a good idea. The advice for any car owner is simply to regularly wash the vehicle with a sponge and warm water containing neutral pH shampoo, and gently remove harmless looking substances from the paint immediately. Waxing painted surfaces once or twice a year helps ensure that new paint finishes can better resist harder attacks, while remaining shiny for longer.



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