The artificial spiral molecule completely coincides with the properties of DNA


During the study, scientists found that the molecule has the same properties as DNA. The experiment prompted the researchers to continue the experiments. Experts suggest that an artificial molecule can serve as an inhibitor of chemical reactions.
The researchers reported that the formation of a double-stranded structure in the molecular composition of DNA is formed due to the necessary sequence of nitrogen, but it became known about multiple interactions with proteins inside the cell that are located in the outer surface. Colleagues from various countries state that French chemists can turn the Earth over. It is worth noting that a huge number of synthetic analogues of acid are provided all over the world, but no one has created an artificial similarity of a double helix with similar properties so far. Scientists suggest that such compounds will make a huge contribution to the medical field. French chemists said that the obtained DNA analogs can now be used for the development of various drugs.

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