the assault on the CGIL in Rome as a result of errors by the police in the management of the march

According to Repubblica, in the Digos annotation it is explained that “around 5.30 pm, awaiting the insistent request of the numerous demonstrators attested in Piazza del Popolo, they are allowed to make a dynamic journey towards the headquarters of the CGIL”, in order to relieve the pressure towards Palazzo Chigi and thinking of being able to isolate Forza Nuova. The executives who manage the square, in fact, apparently trust what Castellino says, so much so that the note specifies that “the end of the dynamic path, as requested by the Roman leader of Forza Nuova, is a meeting with a representative of CGIL “.

But when the demonstrators move from Piazza del Popolo and take Viale Washington, the police force carrying out “a barrage of police vehicles to avoid blocking vehicular traffic” without considering that the demonstrators are too many to be contained (while it would have been possible to do so on the way to Palazzo Chigi), and that there are too many “escape routes” through which they can bypass the barrier. What they do, in fact, so much so that in the square of Brazil “serious problems arise for the maintenance of public order, with attacks on police convoys”. And, underlines Repubblica, the demonstrators separate and force the police to divide further, and the fringe of the march led by Forza Nuova separates from the others managing to get to the headquarters of the CGIL.

Here, in corso d’Italia 25, there are some police armored vehicles, which however are placed on the wings of the building, and therefore create a sort of “corridor” towards the entrance, where the thin cordon of agents immediately gives way: the assailants then entered the CGIL headquarters en masse, devastating it. A series of errors in the management of the square, underlines the newspaper, which led to the disaster that everyone saw.

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