The associative restaurant Kokot Nomad d’Anglet receives the Prize for economic, social and solidarity inspiration

By Jean-Pierre Tamisier – [email protected]

The associative restaurant Kokot Nomad, open since May 2020 in Anglet, was awarded the Prize for economic, social and solidarity inspiration by the Fondation Crédit coopératif

Appeared since Monday, May 25, 2020, 4 chemin de Jorlis in Anglet, the associative restaurant Kokot Nomad has succeeded in establishing itself within the perimeter of the eponymous activity zone and beyond. The period was not, however, the easiest. The first confinement decided due to the Covid-19 pandemic had just ended, but the restrictions were still strong and the reception in restaurants exclusively authorized on the terrace.

From the outset, Kokot Nomad set up take-out sales. “It was not a difficulty for us, since it is part of the initial project”, underlines Cathy Bareigts, director of the structure. At the same time, the association restaurant initiated packaging in returnable jars. “We didn’t know if people were ready for this. Today, the results are very positive ”, indicates the director.

Kokot Nomad did not stop at jars. It also supplies knives, forks, teaspoons and cloth napkins, from salvage. “We all searched our attics and our drawers to build up a stock,” smiles the director of Kokot Nomad.

Integration company

In the kitchen, Véronique Dagos puts her solid experience as a chef at the service of young people in search of integration or reintegration. It is on this basis that in 2018 in Bayonne, the association Au Bruit du Bonheur was formed, which carried the restaurant project as a social integration company.

For Cathy Bareigts, the result, a few months later, is positive. “Kokot Nomad operates like a classic restaurant and we have managed to find our clientele. At the same time, we have three young people work on an integration contract and another on an apprenticeship contract. “

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This global approach, based on a principle defined by one of the members of the board of directors of Bruit du Bonheur, Pantxika Ibarboure, “We do not negotiate what is possible”, has already started to bear fruit. This resulted in the attribution of a double price, local and regional, of economic, social and solidarity inspiration, by the cooperative credit.

Training or employment

“A satisfaction for us, assures Cathy Bareigts, and a non-negligible help to help us finance the actions that we undertake in favor of young people in integration. Two of them are starting to take their driving license. They receive help from Pôle emploi, but it must be supplemented. Our mission is to enable these young people to acquire a real training or to find a permanent job. “

Kokot Nomad also achieved another goal. That of setting up meal coupons, in partnership with the departmental solidarity service and the Anglet CCAS. They allow people who receive social minimums to come to the restaurant.

At the same time, Kokot Nomad is continuing its eco-responsible approach. After the deposit, she has just set up the composting of her organic waste. The resulting compost will be intended for members of Au Bruit du Bonheur or for neighbors of Kokot Nomad who have a garden.