The Assy: “The new shirt design is just marketing”

With British punctuality, but still without daring to speak the language of Shakespeare, the general director of Almería, Mohamed El Assy, appeared in the press room of the Mediterranean Games Stadium to review the current situation of the Almeria entity, after presenting to Arnau Puigmal. “Turki is a very busy person with many businesses. We’ve been inactive for a long time at the club, on vacation. His excellence is focused on other projects, but it is not that he has less enthusiasm“, clarified the right hand of the sheikh, who dealt with issues such as the transfer market, the remodeling of the Stadium or the controversy over the new white shirt.

One of the proper names is that of Sadiq, arguing El Assy that they are not going to sell off Kaduna’s, remaining on the staff in the event that a proposal that satisfies both parties does not arrive. “We study our players and give them a value, as we did with Darwin. If there are no offers that we consider good for Sadiq, we will not accept them. This evaluation is quite good, since last season he scored 30 goals [28] between Partizán and Almería, more than twenty in his first season in Spain [veinte en liga y dos en Copa], adapting well, “explained the Egyptian, also questioned by other players.”Through Lazo we have received more than four offers in Spain, but none are enough for what we want. There is nothing true about the exchange of Peybernes for Pulido“, He said.

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Turki Al-Sheikh’s right-hand man and the sports director alongside Joao Gonçalves did not want to get wet when AS asked him how many entrances and how many exits remain. “We have already made four signings. There have been offers, but they do not reach the levels we demand. If they do not reach the economic level, we will not accept them. The market is very slow. There is a problem due to the health situation, not only with us, but in other leagues, including the First, “he replied, highlighting that the intention is not a change of course in the transfer policy despite the fact that the four incorporations so far follow the same pattern: Spanish and at zero cost, three of them with experience in the category. “No, we have not changed the strategy, although it is good with respect to adaptation that they are Spanish. We never look at nationality when signing, only that they give performance and that they have talent. The first four have arrived for free and know the Second“he explained.

“We have achieved the success of changing the reality of Almería, which was fighting not to be relegated and now it is doing it to be champion of the Second Division”

El Assy, general manager of Almería

Assy wanted to take pressure off in the new season, the third since the club’s sale, after declaring in August 2019 that the goal was to be in the First Division within three years. “The project is divided into two phases. In sports, the clear objective is to be promoted to the First Division. We have done a great job these two seasons. Together with Girona, we are the only teams that have played Girona twice in a row. We are one of the youngest teams. We have achieved the success of changing the reality of Almería, a team that fought not to be relegated and now it does so to be Second Division champion“, argued the general director of the rojiblanco club.

“The other phase is that of infrastructure, which includes the remodeling of the Mediterranean Games Stadium and the construction of the Academy. The pandemic has influenced the deadlines. When we arrived two years ago we were unaware of Spanish law. We recognize that we may have missed deadlines. Hopefully we will close the concession with the City Council next week. All documentation is already submitted. Our idea is start the works the day after signing the concession. We promise our fans that they will know the new reality of the Stadium this season“he continued.

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In addition, El Assy clarified that they do not seek to change the identity of the UDA. “We respect the opinion of each of the fans on the subject of T-shirts. In social networks we have seen that it has not been 100% of the fans, but even if it was 2% we respect the opinion of each one and take into consideration the opinion of each. We do not want to change the identity of the club, it is a simple question of marketing. It is only part of a marketing strategy, as has happened in other clubs, such as Bilbao, Barcelona or Atlético de Madrid. Many t-shirts have been sold in the online store. For us and for the fans, the most important thing is that Almería win the games and go to First Division. Hopefully the shirt brings us good luck, “he said, fleeing the controversy.

Puigmal: “La Segunda is tougher than Primera”

Arnau Puigmal began the round of presentations, in person, of the new Almeria signings (tomorrow, Nieto’s turn). The young 20-year-old midfielder argued why he chose the red-and-white option. “It is an attractive football, which proposes for the ball and it can be perfect for me. The goal is to be in the First Division, it caught my attention“, he commented, without giving importance to the revolution that Almería is making summer after summer.

Photo of Arnau Martinez Puigmal

“I focus on myself, I know my capabilities and I focus on that,” he said about it. The ex of the Manchester United recognizes that the figure of Ramazani was key. “He is my friend. Before coming I asked him, he spoke very highly of the club and I didn’t think about it. It seems that I’ve been here all my life, all my teammates and the coaching staff have provided it, “acknowledged Puigmal, who signed until 2026.” I can play in many positions. In the center of the field I contribute a lot of arrival and goals. The Second is harder than the First“, he expired.

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