“The Atlantic” reveals the strange correspondence between the son Trump and WikiLeaks

“The Atlantic” reveals the strange correspondence between the son Trump and WikiLeaks


“A CAP [political action Committee] is on the verge of launching the site anti-Trump […]. We have found the password, it is ‘putintrump’. Go to the heading ‘Who are we’, you’ll see who it is from”.

This message is the first address, on Twitter, the official account of WikiLeaks, Donald Trump Jr. It is September 20, 2016, in full u.s. presidential campaign. This correspondence between a member of the campaign team of republican candidate and the WikiLeaks website, which campaigns for transparency, continued until July 2017 unveiled, Monday, November 13, the newspaper The Atlantic.

“The messages show WikiLeaks […] requesting active cooperation of Donald Trump, Jr. [in particular to make public, information]”, reports the american magazine. During the exchange, the site, founded in 2006 by Julian Assange, repeatedly asked to the son of the candidate, to become president, to provide him with the income tax returns of his father or even the content of e-mails that he exchanged with Rob Goldstone, the advertising that has been put in relationship with the a Russian lawyer Natalia Vesselnitskaïa.

To convince his interlocutor to provide him with documents, the site deploys arguments. Thus, on 16 October, a few days before the election, WikiLeaks claims that the documents could leak at any moment “through the sources most biased (as the New York Times [string] MSNBC. But most of all, insists the site, publish information on Trump would give an image of impartiality to WikiLeaks. the This means that the immense amount of things that we publish on Clinton will have far greater impact because it will not be perceived as coming from a source ‘pro-Trump’ or ‘pro-Russia’.”

in The course of their correspondence, WikiLeaks also gives advice to the candidate, such as challenging the results of the presidential election in the event of a defeat. Donald Trump Jr. will not respond by writing three times to the requests of the site, although“it appears that he has sometimes acted in feature these queries”, notes The Atlantic.

A new episode in the case of the Russian

These exchanges, the son of the american president does not deny, but he minimizes. After their publication in the media, he himself has posted on Twitter screen shots of what it presents as the whole of his correspondence with the site.

“This is my entire conversation with WikiLeaks (with my three spectacular answers) that one of the commissions of the Congress has decided to leak partially. What irony !” exclaimed on the social network.

If Donald Trump Jr. accuses a parliamentary committee to be responsible for leaks, it is that he had already sent these documents to investigators of the Congress in the framework of the investigations on the possible interference of the Russian in the presidential campaign of 2016 in favour of the candidate Trump. These exchanges with WikiLeaks represent only a small portion of the hundreds of documents submitted by lawyers for Donald Trump Jr. to investigators.

The u.s. intelligence suspect the Kremlin of having supported the campaign of Donald Trump via social networks or the disclosure of information compromising on his democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

The former campaign manager of the Trump, Paul Manafort, and his partner Rick Gates, have already been indicted for conspiracy against the United States, money laundering and tax evasion in the context of this case, on the 30th of October last. These indictments may be continued until, may be, touching the president’s family very involved in her campaign, notes The Atlantic.

The issues for the family Trump, are great. The meeting of June 2016 between Donald Trump Jr. and Natalia Vesselnitskaïa a Russian lawyer in connection with the powerful prosecutor Russian general [Yury Chaika], is already a subject of interest in the investigation of the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller [in charge of the case on a possible collusion between Trump and Russia].”

WikiLeaks, an organization biased

This conversation only reinforces the suspicion that the president’s son. In effect, WikiLeaks is suspected by u.s. intelligence to have been chosen by the Russian government to disseminate stolen information that would in their meaning. The site had been criticized during the campaign of 2016 to have a bias pro-Donald Trump.

This new revelation is important because, as pointed out in The Atlantic : WikiLeaks has played a central role in the presidential campaign […] October 7, less than an hour after the publication by the Washington Post of the record in which Trump boasted of his talents as a sexual predator [who “grabs the women by the cat”], WikiLeaks made public, the emails stolen by hackers in the personal e-mail from John Podesta, the campaign manager for Hillary Clinton.” A case which had greatly hurt Hillary Clinton in her presidential race.

On October 10, 2016, at a meeting of the campaign, the candidate Donald Trump was even said in reference to these revelations : “I love WikiLeaks !”

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