The Attorney General’s Office dismissed the former sectional director of Legal Medicine in Mocoa, Putumayo, for sexually abusing two minors aged 14 and 16.

An aberrant and almost inexplicable case occurred in the municipality of Mocoa, department of Putumayo, where Félix Antonio Ávila, former sectional director of Legal Medicine, precisely in charge of determining when a person is a victim of sexual abuse, took advantage of this investiture to do what Same with minors between 14 and 16 years old.

Ávila López gradually gained the trust of the people around him and took advantage of precisely his position, carnally accessed two minors in 2018.

For this reason, the Attorney General’s Office has just confirmed the sanction of dismissal and disability for 20 years that had already been imposed against him in the first instance.

The former official was found disciplinary responsible, in addition, for improper use of the official vehicle assigned to him, Well, he used it to pick up the two minors and take them to the place where he perpetrated the events.

For the public ministry, in the 22-page order, exclusively known by SEMANA, there is not the slightest doubt that the former official abused his position and overflowed his investiture as a public servant by taking the minors to his office to carry out improper acts and achieve rapprochement with them, which led to abusive carnal access with a minor under 14 years of age.

“For the Chamber it is extremely reprehensible that a public servant of the hierarchy and professional status held by the disciplinary -doctor-, used his investiture to commit the kind of conduct that is duly accredited in this process,” says the ruling known by SEMANA .

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One of the testimonies, from one of the minors, states: “He picked us up in a white van and took us to a motel in Mocoa whose name I don’t know, since in that place that man told me and my friend to have sexual relations. We told him yes, then this man started kissing me and He took my clothes off and penetrated me and then he had sex with my friend…

chilling facts

Charge 1: “He carnally accessed the minor under fourteen years old ‘A’ on at least four occasions in exchange for money, for which he used the official vehicle… in which he picked up the girl on the bridge near Mocoa (Putumayo), to transfer her to a motel located in that municipality where he had the aforementioned sexual relations with her”; warns the Attorney General.

Charge 2: “He performed various sexual acts involving carnal access with the under 14-year-old ‘A’ on several occasions during the months of February and March 2018, in exchange for money.”

Charge 3: “Improperly used the truck owned by the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences to pick up minors ‘A’ and ‘B’ on a bridge near Mocoa, and transfer them to a motel located in that municipality where the he entered carnally on at least four occasions during the months of February and March 2018.”

Child abuse figures in Colombia

The Ombudsman’s Office, Carlos Camargo, warned that attention to cases of sexual abuse against minors has increased, reflecting the seriousness of the situation in the country and called on society to protect and safeguard the rights of minors. children and adolescents and establish protective environments that keep them away from violence.

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According to figures from the Victims’ Judicial Representation Group of the Office of the Public Defender of the Ombudsman’s Office, In the first quarter of this year, a total of 1,178 powers of attorney were received, in processes in which minors would have been victims of sexual abuse (895 of them were under 14 years of age).