The August 15 show brought together 70,000 people in Toulon

Nothing could have pushed them to miss the Patrouille de France show. Not even the slightly shady sky in the early afternoon.

Nor the light rain we had at the beginning of the afternoon, smiled Céline, accompanied by her two children and her sister, Lisa. The Patrouille de France show is once a year in Toulon. So we don’t miss it “. As a tradition, it is with her family that this Toulonnaise comes to attend the exceptional painting offered at Mourillon each year.

And obviously, she was not the only one who wanted to attend the show. And for good reason: according to the City, 70,000 people would have made the trip for this 2022 edition. Despite the stifling heat, the spectators responded to the event.

Colors in the skies

Photo Florian Escoffier.

For 20 years, the PAF (Freestyle Patrol of France) has been taking part in the festivities on this day of the Assumption which is also that of the Landing in Provence. The elite of aerobatic flight – based in Salon de Provence – offers airplane enthusiasts, tourists and Toulonnais a breathtaking spectacle from the skies. Yesterday again, the pilots honored their reputation and dazzled.

Photo Florian Escoffier.

If the show started with a demonstration flight carried out by two Panther type helicopters, the overflight of the area by a Falcon 50 from the French Navy; a helicopter winch featuring a Dauphin helicopter and a boat from the Nautical Sea Rescue Society (SNSM), the long-awaited Alphajets entered the runway at 5:15 p.m. To put on a great show.

Photo Florian Escoffier.

In total, the eight machines flew over the beaches, black with people, chaining impressive figures and adorning the sky with blue, white and red colors.

Launched at 800km/h, only a few meters apart, the pilots multiplied the passages and acrobatics, all more breathtaking.

All under the applause of a conquered public, who watched the comings and goings of the military planes.

The eight Alphajets adorned the sky with smoke in the colors of France, under the amazed gaze of the spectators, massed on the sand and the dykes of the beaches of Mourillon. Photo Florian Escoffier.

Highlight of the show: Fort Saint-Louis was illuminated by the fireworks, set off at 10 p.m. (read opposite). The opportunity for the public to look, one last time, in the same direction, this sky of a thousand colors.

Illustration. Photo Florian Escoffier.