An Australian man died last Friday (November 2), eight years after he had eaten a snail in a venture that had paralyzed him after waking from a 420-day coma.

In 2010, Mr. Sam Ballard drank wine with his friends when they dared to eat a slug crawling across his patio.

The bullet that was picked up by 19-year-old Mr. Ballard was infected with a parasitic worm found in rodents and transmitted on snails, CNN reported.

Days after taking the snail, he felt sick and had severe leg pain. He told his mother Katie Ballard that he had eaten a snail and his mother replied, "No, no one will get sick of it."

The worm caused Mr Ballard's disease of rat lungworms.

According to CNN, humans can become infected with the disease by eating raw or undercooked contaminated animals or vegetables with infected snails or unsophisticated snails.

Beverages may also be contaminated with worms if they are uncovered for the ingress of snails and snails.

The disease comes from rats when a parasite lodges in the lungs and is later eliminated with their fecal matter. Animals such as snails, snails, freshwater crabs, shrimp, shrimp or frogs that either eat rat manure or become infected directly with the worm will carry the parasite.

The Australian Department of Health's website states that the infection is extremely rare and most people recover completely without treatment. Occasionally, however, as in the case of Mr. Ballard, the infection can be fatal.


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