The authorities allowed only relatives to say goodbye to Olga Zavadska

“Belsat” TV channel reports about it.

Today there was a farewell to Olga Zavadskaya – the journalist’s mother Dmitry Zavadskyiwho disappeared in July 2000.

According to “Belsat” information, the relatives of the deceased came together to the mourning ceremony, the crematorium employees immediately invited them into the hall and closed the door behind them. After a few minutes, they were informed that no one else had come, and they began the farewell ceremony.

Meanwhile, people came to the lobby of the crematorium with flowers. Men in civilian clothes approached them and asked which deceased they had come to say goodbye to. When they heard the nickname Zavadskaya in response, they said that “there is no such person here.” They advised to go to the Northern cemetery, because supposedly the farewell should take place there. But at the cemetery, the guards informed the people that there were no funerals and no funerals were planned for that day.

  • Olga Zavadskaya died on May 25. A few years ago, she was diagnosed with an oncological disease, she also had other health problems, in recent years she was confined to a wheelchair.
  • Olga Zavadskaya was born in April 1947 in Kyrgyzstan, where her father served. When she was eight months old, the family moved to Minsk. As “Narodnaya Volya” reported at the beginning of the year, she refused chemotherapy this year. Previously, she underwent dozens of sessions of chemotherapy and radiation.
  • Dmitry Zavadsky disappeared on July 7, 2000 at the Minsk airport. Two officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were accused of his abduction – Valero Ignatovich and Dmitry Malika. Each of them was sentenced to 10 years in prison for this. But the officers did not admit their guilt, and the fact of murder was not proven.
  • According to another version, the same persons who kidnapped Dmitriy Zavadskyi are involved in the disappearance Yuri Zakharanka, Viktor Hanchar and Anatoly Krasouski.
  • Dmitriy’s body was never found, he was declared dead.

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2023-05-26 18:05:51