The Avanza-Xpander Destroyer Car Appears Again, Will It Be King?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Kijang Innova, a Toyota car that dominates car sales in Indonesia throughout the first quarter of 2022.

Referring to data from the Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (Gaikindo), the best-selling car in Greater Indonesia during January-March 2022 is the ‘big brother’, namely the Kijang Innova with 14,761 units.

Followed by a pick-up car from Suzuki, Carry with sales of 14,646 units.

It was only then that the Avanza finally managed to reach the third position with sales of 12,334 units.

Mitsubishi Xpander, which had threatened the Avanza, had to settle for bouncing from the top three positions.

It seems that the Avanza will face an increasingly serious feud in the Indonesian car market.

The reason is, Avanza is no longer side by side with Veloz, so the sales achievement figures are no longer what they used to be, fantastic!

Previously, the sales figures for these two cars were accumulated. Following the separation of production, where Avanza is produced by Astra Daihatsu Motor, while Veloz is produced by PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN).

“Many consumers need an MPV but the design wants an SUV. That’s why we separated Veloz, but that doesn’t mean we call Veloz an SUV,” said Anton Jimmi Suwandy, at the launch of the All New Toyota Avanza and All New Toyota Veloz late last year.

On the other hand, Automotive Observer Munawar Chalil chose to analyze the many factors that made the Avanza’s steps even more wobbly.

He said this phenomenon must be seen from the aspect of the Avanza market itself which was also affected by the domino effect of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“So far, the Avanza market has mostly been bought by corporations for the needs of the fleet and employee consumers. During the pandemic, everything was affected. The company withheld spending and many employees were cut salaries and laid off,” he told CNBC Indonesia some time ago.

In 2021, sales of the Toyota Avanza (including Veloz) were recorded at the most. Sales of the Toyota Avanza, including Veloz, were recorded at the most in Indonesia. Throughout 2021, Toyota will release 66,109 Avanza-Veloz units.

Followed by the Mitsubishi Xpander, which is the second best-selling car in Indonesia with sales in 2021 of 54,624 units.

With the conditions in 2022, how will the competition map be?

This year, new competitors also seem ready to confront the Avanza and Xpander.

Photo: Toyota Innova Limited Edition (doc. Toyota)
Toyota Innova Limited Edition (dok. Toyota)

In fact, last March, these two cars had to ‘war’ promo facilities to attract potential consumers at the Jakarta Auto Week event.

Not to mention, since the end of the 50% discount on Sales Tax on Luxury Goods (PPnBM) cars as of March 31, starting April 1. At the same time, starting April 1, 2022, the government will impose a new VAT rate of 11%.

As a result, the price of both soared away from the level of Rp. 200 million.

And, recently the sedan from Toyota, namely the Vios, seems to be getting a new refresh. Uniquely, from the leaked photo, it looks like the grille on the front is bigger, similar to the Toyota Avanza.

Reporting from headlightmap, it is suspected that this car is paving the streets of Thailand. From the looks of it, the front bumper is also sportier and the LEDs are slim. While from the rear, the bumper has a new design.

Then what will the competition in the Indonesian car market be like in the future?

The following describes the performance of car sales in Indonesia in January-March 2022:

Car Sales January 2022:

1. Suzuki Carry Pick-up: 5.372 unit
2. Mitsubishi Xpander: 5.282 unit
3. Daihatsu Sigra: 5.130 unit
4. Veloz: 4.777 unit
5. Honda Brio: 4,489 units
6. Kijang Innova: 3,971 units
7. Toyota Rush: 3.752 unit
8. Mitsubishi Colt L300 PU: 3.734 unit
9. Daihatsu Xenia: 3.512 unit
10. Daihatsu Gran Max PU: 3.362 unit.

February 2022 Car Sales:

1. Honda Brio (RS and Satya): 5,576 units
2. Suzuki Carry: 4.660 unit
3. Kijang Innova: 4,489 units
4. Mitsubishi Xpander (including Xpander Cross): 4,187 units
5. Toyota Rush: 3.811 unit
6. Daihatsu Xenia: 3.646 unit
7. Honda BR-V: 3.514 unit
8. Daihatsu Gran Max Pick Up: 3.493 unit
9. Advance: 3,061 units
10. Veloz: 2.863 unit.

March 2022 Car Sales:

1. Kijang Innova: 6,301 units
2. Toyota Avanza: 5,979 units
3. Honda BR-V: 4.865 unit
4. Suzuki Carry Pick-up: 4.614 unit
5. Toyota Rush: 4.591 unit
6. Honda Brio (RS and Satya): 4,283 units
7. Mitsubishi Xpander (including Xpander Cross): 4,151 units
8. Daihatsu Terios: 3,741 units
9. Toyota Calya: 3,521 units
10. Daihatsu Gran Max Pick-up: 3.493 unit.

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