The Avignon festival canceled but shows expected this fall

Following the board meeting held on April 20, the Avignon Festival announces several measures to maintain and relaunch the activity of its 74th edition.

Here is which puts (a little) balm in the heart. The Avignon festival sent a press release on April 21, 2020, specifying the decisions taken during the board of directors held the day before. It indicates in particular that the 432 jobs – salaried, intermittent or seasonal of the festival – will be maintained or compensated.

In July, audiovisual and digital programming will be offered while waiting, if sanitary conditions allow, the holding of an Art Week in Avignon this fall where will be scheduled “four or five of the shows planned for this 74th edition “. This was announced by Paul Rondin, deputy director of the festival, on France Bleu Vaucluse, specifying that the stages in Avignon which include the Théâtre du Balcon, the Théâtre du Chêne Noir, the Théâtre du Chien Qui Fume, the Théâtre des Halles and the Théâtre des Carmes are ready to participate in this art week.

In the foreground of the press release, we can read: “‘Prepare for the worst and hope for the best ‘. It is, when working for events that have a strong share of imponderables, a motto that we readily borrow from astronaut John Young. “

Several financial aid

In addition to the actions implemented for social support, support for artistic production and maintenance of activity, the Avignon festival intends to support artistic teams and creation by maintaining “the co-production contributions recorded for the 2020 creations, even if the show cannot be presented at the Avignon Festival (it could be presented in other places)”, by securing the envelope of contributions in co-production for 2021 and ensuring co-financing of projects for the 75th edition.

For companies scheduled for 2020, three scenarios are planned: compensation in the event of cancellation, postponement to fall 2020 or rescheduling in 2021. The FabricA, Avignon performance hall, will be made available to the teams. artistic residencies from September allowing them to complete the shows.

Finally, the planned cultural and educational actions will continue until December 2020.

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