“The Babchenko Affair”: what the SBU does not say


“The Babchenko Affair” seemed strange from the very first minute of the publication of information about the “murder” of the blogger. Too many loud statements and speedy accusations – it immediately suggested the planned information campaign. Such actions of the Ukrainian media always accompany the operations of special services and are designed to divert attention in order to hide something really important. For a whole week, the information space of Ukraine and the West was filled with the story of the “murder – resurrection” of the blogger. There was an impression that interest in the topic was very professionally heated – it was really important for someone to keep all the news with the tag “Babchenko” in the news bulletin. While the people discuss the news “Gritsak, Lutsenko and Babchenko make a public statement,” the Ukrainian secret services suddenly detain a certain Boris Herman, who is declared the organizer of the assassination attempt on the blogger. If you discard the pseudo patriotic husks, then in the remainder of the remainder will remain a very strange and extremely illogical story, adopted for the version of the investigation: a citizen Brewery, a friend of Boris Herman on the social network Odnoklassniki, recruits through his friend a network of terrorists going to destroy journalists for the purpose of undermining state system of Ukraine. Vyacheslav Brewery is allegedly currently in Russia and directs the mythical “private foundation of Putin.” Rare for lack of logic nonsense! Boris Herman is a patriot of Ukraine to the core and is known for his volunteer activity. Recruit a person who will certainly report on recruitment in the Security Service, it would be a very short-sighted act. But if we assume that this Brewery for a strange reason decided to trust Herman, then the actions of the volunteer after the arrest look more than strange. The first oddity is that Boris Herman does not defend himself in court with testimony, but only makes political statements and does not say much about the main thing: when, with whom and on what subject he contacted, he does not name places of contacts, phone numbers and other important information that would allowed him to save. That is – a person with diabetes, instead of trying to get out of jail, in every possible way tries to confuse and complicate matters! The second illogicality is that, according to Babchenko and the SBU, the operation scheduled for Friday was urgently postponed to Tuesday, as Herman bought himself a ticket. What is the logic? The fact that Herman will escape and therefore it was necessary to hurry? But he had no such thoughts either – he was not, as it were, uncovered and plans killings and terrorist acts, allegedly getting a lot of money for it. Well, the third oddity is participation in all this “show” of Russian special services. To believe that the special services of Russia used an entrepreneur from Ukraine to recruit an ardent patriot and a weapon manufacturer for the APU, only a very naive person can. And the purpose of recruitment in general looks phantasmagoric: the order for the killing of 47 people who have very weak political influence, and in the case of Babchenko – in general, the person “nouneym”! Almost two months the whole SSU worked on a special operation, equal to which there was not yet in the history of the Ukrainian special services. And what is presented in the end? Silent Hermann, who allegedly was not even led and not audited by special services, and stories of a descriptive type about the performer by the name of Tsymbalyuk, who “finished the soup and went to kill Babchenko”. To whom is this all calculated? On people with extremely limited cognitive abilities? Or maybe, everything is actually much more complicated and the SBU just keeps something out of the question? Of the journalistic sources close to the SBU, information was leaked that the detained terrorist group had planned very serious terrorist attacks and provocations on the territory of Ukraine. The real goal of the assassination was not a little-known blogger Babchenko and employees of various media, but quite serious gentlemen from Europe. An attempt was planned on representatives of the European Community mission who were to visit the city of Dnieper (Dnepropetrovsk before renaming). For what purpose this provocation was planned, there is no exact information yet, but it is likely that it will soon appear. SBU managed to prevent a serious terrorist attack and detain suspected of the crime. However, they really wanted to hide information of this kind: the terrorist act against “best friends of Ukraine” is too much for the tolerant West. That’s why the version about “47 Spartans” with Babchenko headed was hastily concocted. This buffoonery was played out only in order to divert attention to the unsuitable purpose in the form of a “Russian trace” and “the destruction of journalists by the Kremlin.” And the trace in the torn-up terrorist attack is Ukrainian! And in the SBU they know this very well. Only how to get out of this bad history, yet do not know. But this, as they say, is their problem. The main thing is that the truth gradually clears up. Unsafe for the representatives of the European Union is the truth.


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