VIDEO footage showing a baby bear desperately trying to reach his worried mother as he keeps trying to climb a snow-capped mountain has gotten into social media.

The material, reportedly made by a drone in the Magadan region of Russia, shows the bear walking helplessly up and down as the boy slips further down the icy cliff.

The video, which has been shared millions of times on social media, gained in importance after it was posted by a member of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.

The three-minute vidoe brings you to the edge of your seat, while the boy comes agonizingly close to his mother, who has reached the summit before slipping off again.

In fact, when the cub finally reaches the top, we all need a good lounger and a cup of tea.

However, the video has also voiced widespread criticism from those who say that the bears are trying to break away from the drone and would not have got into the situation if they had not been there.

Others have suggested that the bears consider the drone a bird of prey.

Nevertheless, the little bear that could give us a fleeting moment full of happy news.

Indian billionaire businessman Anand Mahindra tweeted that this was the best motivator for Monday morning and a parenting session – the mother's bear brought down the boy and tried harder.

Another Twitter user wrote, "Be like this little bear and never give up."

Others talked about the boy's "perseverance," but added "humans are horrible," suggesting that the drone had scared the bears.

The Royal Canadian Geographical Society said the video was an example of poor drone usage and tweet guidance for all amateur drone operators.



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