Entertainment The Bachelor: Sebastian Preuss regrets this kiss?

The Bachelor: Sebastian Preuss regrets this kiss?


Sebastian Preuss (30) does not burn anything as “The Bachelor”. In the third episode of the RTL dome show, the first tenderness was exchanged on Wednesday evening. While the chosen ones seemed to hover on cloud nine, the Rosenkavalier saw it rather soberly. He had obviously imagined the special moment a little differently.

The first kiss after starting difficulties

It was supposed to be a fun day under the Mexican sun: Jenny-Fleur (26), Vanessa (27), Jenny (32), Natali (24) and Judith (28) were invited by Sebastian to a yacht excursion. However, the high swell thwarted the group date. No trace of relaxed conversations. “The worst date ever” or even “horror trip” were the comments of the ladies. Only later, when they arrived in a bay, could the group end the day relaxed before a romantic sunset.

The next day there was hardly any talk of relaxation. Sebastian had invited Leah (23), Anna (27), Desiree (27), Birgit (27), Denise-Jessica, Linda (24) and Jenny-Jasmin (25) for a sport date. He introduced her to his world of kickboxing on the beach. For some of the ladies, this is a welcome opportunity to let their aggression pent up over the course of the day. Afterwards, Jenny-Jasmin was pleased to be invited to dinner.

It could have been so romantic if the 25-year-old had had a feel for the right choice of subject. Instead, she asked Sebastian about his background with Denise-Jessica, who had already met the “Bachelor” in Munich. A no-go for the 30-year-old. In his eyes, Jenny-Jasmin should have focused much more on her own getting to know each other rather than worrying about other candidates. The mood was in the basement. So what to do to save the situation? Sure: in the hammock, cuddle and – smooch.

Diana is also kissed

Diana (22) and Wioleta (28) were happy about a date in a small group. Together with Sebastian, the two went high. In the world-famous Cirque du Soleil, they were taught pair performance on the tire – including physical contact. However, only one of the women seemed to have made an impression on the “Bachelor”. Diana was allowed to stay and spend a romantic evening with the 30-year-old with dinner, private performance and cuddle units. He values ​​her “very special, rare species”. A goodbye hug? Against this background, far too little. Sebastian also pulled her close and kissed her deeply.

The night of … remorse

On the third night of the roses, Sebastian was surrounded by more than a dozen beautiful women. Apparently he only had eyes for one: Linda. She enchanted the “Bachelor” with her outfit and her charisma. The Rosenkavalier had no choice but to admit in a one-on-one interview: she should have been the one who got the first kiss from him. He had known that since episode one – only unfortunately not implemented.

It was foreseeable that Linda and Sebastian’s kissing partners Diana and Jenny-Jasmin would have a rose in their hands at the end of the day. The broken hearts of ex-Love Island participant Jessi and Birgit, however, came as a surprise. They had to go home as singles.


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