The Bad Defeat of City Is Not the Effect Liverpool Just Got Champion

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Juergen Klopp assesses the defeat of Manchester City is not the effect of Liverpool having won the English League. This result is a valuable lesson for The Red.

Liverpool came to Etihad Stadium to challenge City on Friday (07/03/2020) with the label as champions of the English League. The Reds before the game began also received a Guard of Honor from The Citizens as a tribute to their success to be the best this season.

Unfortunately the results of the match did not reflect Liverpool’s status as the Premier League champions. They were crushed City beaten 4-0 thanks to goals from a penalty Kevin De Bruyne, Raheem Sterling, Phil Foden committed suicide Alex Oxlade Chamberlain. Snippets of goals in this match can be seen on Mola TV via this link.

Klopp was reluctant to teach this defeat because Liverpool had won the Premier League title. He admitted his team did not perform well enough in this fight. This defeat will be used by Klopp to motivate his team to immediately improve themselves.

“To be honest, this has nothing to do with the certainty we won last week. This defeat is certainly as painful as other defeats,” Klopp was quoted as saying by Sportskeeda.

“I want to see the readiness of his team against a team like City. I am not sure if those words are the right words, but these points have been proven at this time. That is the motivation from Pep for us,” he added.

Klopp explained that this crushing defeat occurred because Liverpool gave too much space to City to counterattack. Though the game the two teams were almost balanced.

Liverpool excel in possession of Pep Guardiola’s men. Likewise with the number of shots, the two teams were not much different from The Red shot 11, while City made 14 experiments.

“What City did not do we apply. Our opportunities may be more than the games we won but we did not use it. However, we did not optimize it. So City took advantage of that,” said the German man added.

“Normally we don’t give them many counter attacks. Their two goals come from the throw-in which should be our strength. That we didn’t do and they deserve this result.”

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