The bald singer, saved from suicide at the last minute

The world-famous soloist due to the hit “Nothing compares 2U” is going through a heartbreaking depression in August when her entire reproductive system was removed. The mother of four children, one of whom was seriously ill, Sinead gave in mentally on Sunday night. She left home and stayed in a hotel where she continued to chat with her Facebook fans. “I want another job. I feel betrayed by everyone. They killed my soul and I feel I have nothing to live for. I’m an outcast for society, I finished it with music. I want a new life. I took an overdose, “she wrote. Alarmed, fans called the Irish police and rescuers. A race against the clock followed and the singer was saved at the last minute, after her mobile phone was located, from which she had written the farewell messages.

Yesterday, doctors at Dublin Emergency Hospital announced that he was “safe and calmer”. In 2013, Sinead had another mental breakdown and ran naked on the streets in the winter, attacking police officers, and her husband Barry Herridge, whom she married in December 2011, was forced to hospitalize her. Since March 2015, he is no longer allowed to approach children because he is a danger to them.

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