THE BALL – Conte responds to supporters who “wrinkled his nose” (Inter Milan)

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Antonio Conte led Inter Milan to Scudetto this year 11 years later, putting an end to the hegemony (which he himself started) of nine consecutive Juventus championships. THE Sky Sport, the Italian coach revealed the importance of Giovanni Trapattoni, the coach who led Benfica to the title in 2004/05, to get here.

«I was fortunate enough to cross the path with Giovanni Trapattoni and I feel that if it had not happened so much as a player as a coach, I would not have been so successful. Anyone who has trained Inter knows how complicated it is, it is necessary to understand the dynamics of the club without ever losing its identity. I think that, as of today, I am already appreciated by the fans who, due to my past, wrinkled my nose when I arrived. I came to Inter to win and I did it ”, shot the coach.


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