THE BALL – Eagles thrash Russian champion (Futsal)

Benfica is qualified for the Elite Round of the Futsal Champions League, after having thrashed Ekaterinburg (Russian champions), by 5-1, in a game of the 2nd round of Group 1 of the Main Round.

The Russians were even the first to score, through Sokolov (eight minutes), but the incarnate response was immediate, with Tayebi making it 1-1 (9′), a result that led to half-time.

In the second half, the superiority of the eagles was evident, which was well reflected in the scoreboard. Robinho (26′), Silvestre Ferreira (27′), Tayebi (34′) and Rômulo (34′) made a taste of the foot and confirmed the victory of the Portuguese team, leader of their series, with six points.

Remember game movie:

Finish the game in Slovakia! Benfica beat Ekaterinburg 5-1 (1-1, at half-time).

38’ Ivanov shoots for goal, but a red player wards off the danger almost over the goal line.

34′ BENFICA GOAL (1-5)! Rômulo takes advantage of the opponent’s advance, playing five to four, and shoots from his midfield to the empty goal.

34′ BENFICA GOAL (1-4)! Great finish by Tayebi, receiving the ball inside the area, spinning and sticking it over the goalkeeper.

32’ Fakhrutdinov pushes on the force, but shoots without direction.

29’ Roncaglio’s good save on Karpov’s shot.

27′ BENFICA GOAL (1-3)! Silvestre Ferreira believes, even with a small angle, and is happy, with a crossed and low shot.

26′ BENFICA GOAL (1-2)! Robinho’s great kick from a distance after Chishkala’s first attempt.

26’ Yellow card to Gerasimov (Ekaterinburg).

25’ Chishkala looks for the advantage but misses the measurements completely.

24’ Tayebi, first class, on the side.

23’ Prudnikov doesn’t ask for permission and leaves Roncaglio with a warning: leave to the side.

23’ Good move by the eagles, ending with a cross shot from Nilson.

21’ Arthur also looks for the goal… without finding it.

21’ Afonso fires with his beak, but misses his target.

21’ The second part begins!

Half-time in Slovakia: Ekaterinburg and Benfica draw 1-1, with goals from Sokolov (8′) and Tayebi (9′).

17’ Roncaglio climbs into the field and, with space, doesn’t think twice: Putilov has to apply himself to deny the goal to the red goalkeeper.

16’ Arthur insists… but to no avail.

15’ Putilov saves the Russians by standing off Arthur’s new essay with his legs.

15’ Rômulo watches Fits and the Brazilian is unable to shoot into goal, in a privileged situation.

14’ Putilov covered the goal and denied the goal to Rômulo.

14’ Afonso Jesus discovers Arthur, but the latter, isolated, is unable to make the comeback: the shot goes wide, in front of goalkeeper Putilov’s opposition.

11’ Half distance from Robinho: the ball raises a lot and doesn’t threaten Putilov.

11’ Fits spins and delivers violent kick from above.

11’ Nilson fires left-footed but misses the goal.

9’ Robinho’s new attempt, Putilov denies the second to the eagles.

9′ BENFICA GOAL (1-1)! Robinho shoots and the ball is left for Tayebi’s accurate reload.

8′ EKATERINBURG GOAL (1-0)! Well-rehearsed free-kick by the Russians, with Sokolov opening the scoring with a long shot.

8’ Yellow card for Arthur (Benfica).

6’ Russians’ first shot of danger: Demin fills his foot, answers Roncaglio with his fists.

6’ Ball lost by Arthur and Karpov has his shot blocked.

5′ Alligator shoots to the side meshes!

2′ Robinho looks for happiness on his left foot: the ball goes out slightly to the side.

1′ Fits has the first shot of the game: the ball goes way over the top.

1′ The game starts in Slovakia!

Ekaterinburg: Putilov, Abramov (cap.), Prudnikov, Fakhrutdinov e Sokolov

Ekaterinburg alternates: Kalmakhelidze, Karpov, Demin, Shishkin, Gerasimov, Timoshenko, Balukh e Ivanov

Benfica: Roncaglio, Nilson, Robinho (cap.), Chishkala and Fits

Benfica Substitutes: André Sousa, Silvestre Ferreira, Rômulo, Afonso, Arthur, Rafael Henmi, Tayebi, Cintra and Jacaré

Ekaterinburg and Benfica play another game (14.30 hours) in Group 1 of the Main Round A of the Futsal Champions League. The meeting takes place at Sportova Hala Arena in Lucenec, Slovakia.

Face to face are the two leaders of this series, both with three points, after having won in the opening round: the Russians defeated Lucenec (Slovakia) by 3-0, while the Eagles beat Halle-Gooik (Belgium) by 2-1.

The game is refereed by the Bulgarian Trayan Enchev (first referee), the Italian Nicola Manzione (second), the Estonian Grigori Osomkov (third) and the Slovakian Ladislav Angyal (timekeeper).