THE BALL – Ibrahimovic asks Leão to stay: «He is on another level, above average… any day the price will go up» (Milan)

Rafael Leão is negotiating the renewal of his contract with Milan and has received strong support: Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

In an interview with the newspaper The Sports Gazettethe Swede advised him to stay, even though his rating has risen in this World Cup, in which he scored two goals: «Of course [que deve ficar], this is the right environment for him. Just watch his growth… He is very important to us here, would it be the same elsewhere? He would have to start from scratch, you can’t be sure he’ll be ready right away. At Milan, he has confidence, space and freedom, something that is not guaranteed at another club. You can tell he’s happy here. He is the young man who has grown more than any other. Theo has improved a lot, De Ketelaere is strong and patience is needed », he said, continuing the praise:

«But the Lion is on another level, above average. He has only one step left, which he will overcome when he is fully convinced of his capabilities. Right now, even he doesn’t really know how strong he is. And then he will be scared, but the price will go up… (laughs). I also think he shouldn’t be satisfied with what he’s doing, he should look for more.