THE BALL – Insults on arrival at Dragão (FC Porto)

Applauded on arrival at the Estádio António Coimbra da Mota, the home of Estoril, on Saturday, the FC Porto players had a different reception at Estádio do Dragão, on their return to base, in the early hours of yesterday.

About two dozen fans waited outside the main entrance to the venue to show their displeasure at the 1-1 draw, hurling insults and whistles at the entourage. As they were not in considerable numbers, the small group was easily removed by the PSP to a safe area, with no incidents being recorded nor the need for muscular intervention by the authorities.

As soon as the FC Porto bus entered Dragão, the fans demobilized and an hour later the players left the stadium in a normalized atmosphere. Behind the wheel of his powerful Bentley, Sérgio Conceição gave his son Rodrigo a lift, who played against Estoril. Regardless of the context of the team’s arrival in Porto, the PSP had already defined a meticulous security plan, alerted by the circumstances in which the stoning took place, on Tuesday, of the coach’s wife, Liliana Conceição. Regarding this case, the CM reported that three suspects in the attack were released, but that they may become defendants for the crimes of damage, threat and offenses to the attempted physical integrity.