THE BALL – Intolerance at Estoril-FC Porto: fans threatened by the Super Dragons (Estoril)

Suspects of the practice of acts of intolerance towards two FC Porto supporters in the game against Estoril, on Saturday, at António Coimbra da Mota, already identified by the National Republican Guard, are being threatened by the Super Dragons, the Porto fans, who also already know their identity, through personal social networks.

“A person I know was identified deleted social media after some supporters allegedly were also identified by the Super Dragons”, revealed to A BOLA a witness who watched the game in the sector in which father and daughter were insulted – there are also reports that they were spat on – and that he requested anonymity for fear of similar reprisals.

Our newspaper tried to hear the version of the various supporters of the canarinhos whose faces are easily identifiable in the images circulated, however, none agreed to comment on what happened.

The supporter heard by A BOLA and who, it should be noted, was not identified by the authorities, said that the focus of revolt was not exclusively related to the FC Porto supporter, much less the child who accompanied him.

«In fact, I saw some provocations on the side of Sector C, where this supporter was with his daughter, but I would also like to say that it was not only he who was provoking there and he was not even the only target of all that revolt. There were first provocations from that sector, so the image that is passing through the whole country is a bit false. It didn’t happen out of nowhere. I believe that if that was the only person causing disturbances, tempers would not have been so heated», said the same source, who does not understand the distribution of Porto fans:

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«I believe that this father should not have gone to a bench that should belong to Estoril fans, who gave an entire bench to FC Porto fans. In the area where Estoril fans should have been there were Porto fans, who still had a provocative attitude. I don’t think it’s at all a responsible attitude to bring a child that age so close to an opposing cheerleading squad.”

This Amoreira fan also did not forget «the vandalism that happened the night after the game» – the walls around António Coimbra da Mota were, in the hours that followed the match, graffitied.