The ball is in the Star because of Andi Tóth I will be a Star! in his studio

A heated debate ensued between the masters.

A heated debate ensued between the masters.

After Krizsán Lili’s production, the masters simply split into two camps. Babett from Köllő mentored Andi Tóth in the skin of the savage.

After the production, Babett Köllő literally became goosebumps, and even Gabi Tóth sang the song together with the contestant. However, Majka made a harsh criticism of Andi Tóth’s song: he thought it was silly. But Joci wasn’t thrilled with either song or production.

Today’s trend doesn’t require you to sing big in this song. Andi Tóth can sing much better than what he sang in this song, but he sings according to the trend, this silly song said Majka

A heated debate ensued between the masters

Babett was defended as a mother tiger racer.

This silly song for you has been watched by over 10 million in 3 months Babett defended his mentor